Kara & babies – 6-3-08

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Kittens and Kara are doing well. I’ve been talking about putting Kara in a carrier and putting her in the bathroom for a little while one evening, then letting Tommy the Ambassador in to the kitten room and seeing how they deal with a new cat. I can tell you how Kara would deal with a new cat: she’d beat him half to death. Yesterday, Zoe peed on a cat bed (SIGH), and I brought the cat bed downstairs to wash, and when I stepped outside the foster kitten room with the cat bed, I looked down at the towel sitting on the floor – the towel that’s been there for several weeks, blocking the bottom of the door so that our cats couldn’t stress out Kara by sniffing under the door at her. I thought, well, our cats haven’t shown much interest in the kitten room since Kara went on her butt-kicking spree a few weeks ago, so does this towel really need to be here? Probably not.

So I brought the towel down with the bed, and last night at 11:30, when I was sound asleep apparently Tommy started sniffing around the bottom of the door, and Kara lost her mind, pounding on the door and growling until I got a towel and put it at the bottom of the door.

I took the good camera upstairs the other day and got some action-kitty shots.



Lo, you’re right. The correct term for Kaylee would be “State of kerfluffle”, as illustrated above.


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