5-30-18 Wednesday

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Look at those eyes! (And hey, just a casual paw positioned just so for you to admire.)

Scott’s a little pouty because he’s only got the usual number of toes. But have I mentioned his fur? He has the softest, silkiest fur.

That tree continues to be a favorite toy. That blur on the right is Tessa, who is just a little nut.

Debi couldn’t stand it any longer, she had to fly over and join in on the fun. (That LOOK on Kristi’s face. She might be just a little bit over this whole mothering thing.)

“Hallo, lady.” That’s Scott in the tree, Brian Boitano on the donut.

Debi’s got possession of the tree.

Oh, just sitting there with his paws positioned just so.

Debi in a rare quiet moment.

“Hi hi innernets. HI.”

Tessa on the donut, showing off her stripes.


Video! The usual foster room shenanigans – Debi and Oksana tussling, Scott whining because he wants the milk bar to stop moving. The usual, in other words.

YouTube link


Jake likes to keep an eye on things from this spot. He is such a pretty boy.


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5-30-18 Wednesday — 13 Comments

  1. Jake is a VERY handsome boy.

    I dunno Robyn, you may want to look into picking up another bed or two for the babies. I mean, it just doesn’t look like they have enough spots to lay their little heads (and extra toes), for cryin’ out loud.

    • And the kicker is that 99% of the time they sleep on the cat tree or in the pie plate in front of the window!

  2. Tessa in the blur picture looks like Dracula looming over one of his victims!

  3. Well, Kristi’s in luck. She doesn’t know it yet, but she’ll never be a mother again.

    (To me, she just looks like she’s half asleep.)

  4. Where has Dewey been? It seems like forever since we’ve seen him (or did I miss a pic of him recently?) Hope he’s ok!

  5. Honestly, I think I’m a little offended that no one has adopted my two favorites – Oksana and Scott. Oksana won me over when she was flopped across the 2nd batch of babies and Scott won me over with his little worried face (there was one particular picture that made me gasp aloud!). If only Terry (yeah, True Blood Terry!) wasn’t so high maintenance! I have no shot of bringing anymore kitties into our house with Mr. Mouth of the South/Demand-er of All Attention living with us. LOL! 🙂