5-31-18 Thursday

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Smilin’ Scott.

Brian Boitano thinks Picabo makes a perfect pillow.

There’s been a lot of interest in Scott’s and Brian’s eyes. They photograph as blue, but they’re really more green. I expect that both boys will end up with green eyes in the end. Here’s a pretty good shot that shows Brian’s eyes – they’re just blue around the edges at this point.

Ohno, of course, will keep those gorgeous baby blues.

Kristi’s got pretty eyes.


Ohno posing nicely.

“Okay! That’s enough! You go away now!”

“Can’t a girl take a nap in a giant teacup without you bugging her, lady?”

Scott and Ohno give me attitude (or more likely they were asleep and I woke them up.)

Debi’s eyes went from blue to green nearly over night.

Katia’s pretty eyes. These kittens could do worse than have eyes the same color as their mothers.

Kitten in a treeeee.

There’s a piece of Scott pie left, better get yours before it’s all gone.

Debi couldn’t get that piece of blue fuzz off of her lip, and didn’t appreciate my laughing at her.


SOMEONE has to guard the catnip, after all.

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5-31-18 Thursday — 4 Comments

  1. Katia has gorgeous green eyes; they look so vibrant next to her silky black coat. Has there been any interest in her and Kristi?

  2. Love this crew so much!!

    Also, I am loving Katarina and Deanzilla’s instagram page… so happy to see them so busy, happy and loved!!

    Also, Phyllis in the 2009 entry, with her having a lot to say…!

  3. Have any of you orange kitties had copper eyes?? those are striking.

  4. The picture of the meeser in the blue tree dug this memory out of my head… a book of poems about cats by Paul Gallico:

    One, two, three,
    Kitten up a tree.
    Can he get down again?
    Well, we shall see.