6-1-18 Friday

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The picture of the meeser in the blue tree dug this memory out of my head… a book of poems about cats by Paul Gallico:

One, two, three,
Kitten up a tree.
Can he get down again?
Well, we shall see.

I love it!


Have any of your orange kitties had copper eyes?? those are striking.

Kennebec! (Ironically, it was 6 years ago today that I introduced Kennebec and the Taters.)

Kennebec was one of the Taters litter (the same litter Stompers came from) and when he left us he was about three months old and his eyes were mostly green. About 5 months later he and his sister Mercury came back to us, and he had the most gorgeously striking eyes.

He earned himself the nickname “Lunk” on his return to us, and ended up coming back two more times in the next month (once because they were painting the cat room at Petsmart and once because he had an eye issue), and was finally adopted at the end of February 2013. And I’ve not heard a thing since – I hope he’s doing well. We certainly did like that boy!


Katia has gorgeous green eyes; they look so vibrant next to her silky black coat. Has there been any interest in her and Kristi?

There has not, unfortunately. I’m going to start posting on Instagram/Facebook/Tumblr every day in hopes of getting their faces in front of the right person.


Where has Dewey been? It seems like forever since we’ve seen him (or did I miss a pic of him recently?) Hope he’s ok!

Dewey is fine – he was in last Tuesday’s post… and he’ll be in next Tuesday’s post!


There’s a useful description of how to describe polydactyl paws 1/4 of the way down the page at: http://messybeast.com/poly-cats.html

IIRC, my polydactyl is something like: 4+(1)+1+(1)


Found the picture of poly feet that I was thinking of!

Very cool – thanks for the links!


You can’t see all their faces, but that right there is a 6-kitten pie! You can see Tessa’s ear sticking out from behind Scott. I don’t know where Torvill and Ohno were – off making trouble, I’m sure.

“You know you wanna.”

Ohno was freaked out because someone ran through the door, and I happened to get this picture, which I think is kinda cool – check out the swirl on her side! (She’s not actually that dark in person.)

The mouse cave continues to be a hit. That’s Debi on the right, and Torvill’s legs on the left, although if you just glanced at it, you might think those were her back legs sticking out.

Her paw looks feeeeelthy, but it’s caused by the activated carbon I put in the litter boxes.

(To answer your possible question: I put maybe half a cup of activated carbon in the boxes where I’m using Dr. Elsey’s litter, and it seems to work for a day or two, but there’s so much litter box usage going on in the foster room that I don’t think anything will kill the smell completely in there. Yes, I’m using an air purifier also.) (To answer another question you might have: I am also using Arm & Hammer Slide litter, the multi-cat (purple box), in a couple of boxes. It is slightly scented and I prefer it a bit more to the Dr. Elsey’s, but the kittens don’t care one way or the other.)(And you didn’t ask, but I’m telling you – the day I clean and refill the litter boxes and sprinkle the activated carbon on top of the litter, I have to go back into the litter closet to sniff because it (until the litter boxes start getting used) has that after-rain ozone-y smell, and I find it extremely pleasant.)

Yes, Picabo, you DO need those claws trimmed.

Consumption of the KitNipBox is coming along nicely.

Picabo in Tree with Attitude.

Sleepy Tessa.

I took 10,000 pictures of the kittens trying to get all 8 of them in one picture and looking my way, and I love this one so much because Brian Boitano and Scott have the EXACT same expression on their faces! If you can’t see it in this picture, click on the picture to see the larger version at Flickr. It is so adorable!

This is a good one! My main problem with getting all 8 kittens in one picture is that Picabo is apparently the smartypants of the group and has figured out that if she climbs my legs, she can get to the feather teaser I’m whipping around over their heads. So I got a zillion pictures where Picabo was a blur because she was running toward me to climb my leg. Smart little brat.


How nice of that tree to grow there and provide itself as a scratching post for Stefan!


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  1. Newt’s flickr album has some very striking photos of his golden eyes, but they seemed to have turned greener as he got older. I remember I noticed that when you posted a photo of him sitting on a post at Crooked Acres.

  2. When read your comment about smelly litter boxes I had an idea. Do you think installing one of those bathroom vent fans in the closet would help? If it works for human bathrooms, it should help with litterbox rooms too.

  3. Awww, Lunk! It would be great to get an update on him!!

    I always say that blueberry pie is my favorite… but now I see that 6-kitten pie is awfully irresistible too 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Paul Gallico was a true cat lover. He wrote a book of poetry about cats titled “Honorable Cat”, a couple of fictional books “Jennie” and “Thomasina, the Cat Who Thought She Was God” which was made into a movie and “The Silent Miaow: A Manual for Kittens, Strays, and Homeless Cats”. They all were wonderful books to read.

  5. The after-rain smell is called petrichor. I learned this from Doctor Who. One of the best episodes ever. Written by one of today’s greatest authors, Neil Gaiman. Season 6 episode 4 of the new series, if you’re interested. This episode is pretty stand-alone, you don’t need much backstory.

  6. Petey has copper eyes, but he calls them ginger eyes. He’s a dark ginger kitty and his eyes are identical color

  7. Miz Robyn, do you still spray/wipe the pans with some kind of oil or non-stick spray after you clean them/before refilling with sand?

    • Yes, I use Pam or the store version of Pam, though with the Slide litter I guess it’s kind of redundant.