6-1-16 Wednesday

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The videos of Chanandler Bong and Ken Adams – 30 pictures of each, from 3 days to 12 weeks old. There are two versions of each video – one fast, where the picture is on the screen for 1 second, and one slow, where the picture is on the screen for 4 seconds. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the cute!

YouTube link
Ken Adams – slow version

YouTube link
Ken Adams – fast version

YouTube link
Chanandler Bong – slow version

YouTube link
Chanandler Bong – fast version


Oh, the little SMILE.

Rough life, Barnaby.

Don’t you love the orange tip on Bubble’s tail?

“I gots ALL the toys!”

Tiny Squeek, over there on the left.

Tiny Barnaby, considering his next move.



“Just hanging out in the back yard, lady. Those kittens gone yet?”


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6-1-16 Wednesday — 18 Comments

  1. Ok, I decided the Bubble, Squeek and Barnaby’s mom cannot have them back. Sorry, but I just cannot let it happen. We are already attached and may have a break down when they leave. Just say’n.

    Also, I smile when I see the KitNip toys. The tiny hand feather wand is a favorite in my house!

    • I am in full agreement! We need those three to stay at Crooked Acres so we can follow their adventures! I need to know what happens the day the screen door at the bottom of the stairs opens and they are released into gen-pop! Will this finally be the batch that can handle The Stefan?

      • And how they look when they get bigger, and their personalities, and who adopts them…and…and…and…. (I need Squeek…sigh)

        • Also agree! these tiny things are so gosh darn cute. I will definitely need followups.

          • Totally voting in favor of keeping them! They’re just too adorable to let go! 🙂

    • So…. Who has connections with US Customs? Maybe we can “delay” Brittany’s trip back so we can have the babies a little bit longer!! 😉

    • I’m putting my vote in here for this also. Aside from the adorable names (I mean come on! Bubble and Squeak?! and Barnaby Mouse!?) we have to see them grow into their personalities! Although when I commented on FB to this effect – I was told there’s not enough room long term for them – which I desperately hope means that the foster room is occupado or will be shortly.

  2. Guys! Super cute Norbie video in 2013 post. How that tiny thing became my lunkhead I’ll never know. Barnaby looks like he has a permanent food mustache.

  3. I love the pictures of these babies in your bedroom! I think we forget how tiny the kittens are when we see them only around the kitten room toys. Seeing them around furniture reminds me how teensy they are.

  4. Squeek’s enormous eyes just send me ’round! Also, thank you for both the short and long versions of the vids. I only have time to watch the short versions now, but I want to come back when I’ve got more time to look at the longer versions.