6-2-16 Thursday

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The videos of Princess Consuela and Susie – 30 pictures of each, from 3 days to 12 weeks old. There are two versions of each video – one fast, where the picture is on the screen for 1 second, and one slow, where the picture is on the screen for 4 seconds. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the cute!

YouTube link
Princess Consuela – slow version

YouTube link
Princess Consuela – fast version

YouTube link
Susie – slow version

YouTube link
Susie – fast version


Aside from Brandy, who said that Squeek is totally Stompers in a gray suit – yep, I can see it! – several people have also commented that Squeek is a dead ringer for Maddy, our very first bottle baby from 10 (!) years ago.

I can see the resemblance, for sure.

Stompers on the left, Squeek on the right.

Maddy on the left, Squeek on the right:

I sure do love a spotted kitten belly.


Also, I KNOW you guys are of the opinion that I need to keep fostering these guys. However, I don’t have room for them long-term because we’ve got a couple of new fosters arriving in the foster room Friday. They’re a little older – 8 weeks old – and they’ll be with us for a month.

Ergo, we don’t have the space to keep the little ones past a couple of weeks. What we’re doing with them works okay in the short term, but I don’t think I could handle it for much longer than two weeks.

Also also, Brittany will want her babies back. I’ll get her permission first, but I expect she’ll be okay with me sharing her Facebook name, and y’all can follow these kittens on Facebook or Instagram!


Barnaby, rolling around in my lap. Oh, this little guy. Such a muffin!

The girls, hanging out.

You only have to think about touching Bubble, and she purrs like crazy. She’s a snuggly girl.

Barnaby found a piece of lint on the floor and proceeded to play with it for about five minutes.

Squeek was SUPER fascinated by the sun puddle and kept smacking at her shadow.

I think Squeek and Barnaby said something rude to Bubble, because she certainly looks annoyed!

The kittens now have the run of the bathroom floor at night, instead of being confined to the tub – and they seem to like it. Last night, I got the bathroom all set up for them, and when I opened my bedroom door to get them and take them over to the bathroom, Squeek shot out the door. Jake was sitting at the bottom of the stairs, and when he saw Squeek running at him, he growled.

Because an 11 ounce kitten is SUPER terrifying.

In response, Squeek arched her back, floofed, and froze there, staring at Jake while hissing “BRING IT ON, YA BIG LOON!”

If only I’d had my camera! I think I need a camera mounted to my head that I can just wear 24/7.


Before that Chewy box went off to live with Periwinkle (Bert) and Patches (Art), Jake had a little loony time in it.


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6-2-16 Thursday — 21 Comments

  1. I’m loving the pic of Princess Consuela on the men’s health mag. She appears quite swole!

  2. So this group also reminds me of another set of kittens you babysat. I think Butter (Butters?) was the star of that group. I looked for his picture but couldn’t find it through the search function. So obviously, you need a separate page now for your temporary guests! I know you’ll get right on that after you mount the camera on your head. 😉

    • Ha – I had a hard time finding it, myself – posts about those kittens are here and here. I really do need to make a list for the temporaries!

      • Yay yay – thank you! It was Butter’s forward ears of annoyance that I loved so much. 😀

        And wow, those were 4 week old bottle babies and they look bigger and more developed to me than this crew does. Bubble, Squeek and Barnaby are some itty bitties!

    • I don’t blame brittani for demanding these little girls back.

      And we know that there’s a new gang on the way!

  3. I have a few questions about the snake incident. How did he get in by himself with it? If you have a “doggie door”,aren’t you afraid of other critters coming in-like skunks, possums or raccoons? And, why do you have a servailence camera in your kitchen?

    • We have a cat door leading to the back yard, which is fenced in. Possums, skunks and raccoons don’t come into the back yard – and we close the back door at night, so nighttime critters couldn’t come inside if they wanted to.

      The camera in the kitchen is to catch any activity going on – we used to have a problem with cats who sprayed, and needed to know who was doing it. That’s not as much an issue any more, but we leave the camera there just because I like having it there. We have a camera in the front room and one in the foster room, as well.

  4. The 30 sec photo compilations are brilliant, the only thing that would make them more better would the the addition of a purring kitten soundtrack. The new babies are adorable, they look small enough to be bottle babies.

    • I’m going to keep that in mind for next time around – I have an audio clip of Marshall (from a couple of years ago) purring and purring that would have been perfect!