6-2-15 Tuesday

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It started with Shecky fitting perfectly in the little basket, curled up sound asleep. Suddenly!

Skelton was like “This basket is PLENTY big enough for two. PLENTY, I say!”

And Shecky was like “If you are sitting on me, you are not IN the basket, buff bro of mine. See ya!”

“That was totally not my plan all along.”

Later, Louis and Carlin discovered that since they’re much smaller than their buff bros, they actually DID fit in the basket. But of course, they couldn’t just lay there nicely, they had to fight about it. And Louis stomped off.

“MY basket. MINE.”

But then Louis came back! “NO YOU CAN’T COME BACK INTO MINE BASKET, MINE BASKET IS MINE!” Rickles looked on disapprovingly as his little brudders fought. Then Louis and Carlin stomped off in different directions.

And Rickles was smug.

“Oooh,” said Louis. “This basket is much bigger and nicer and you can definitely fit lots and lots of kittens in here!”

“NOOOO!” Roseanne Open Mouth of Outraged. “This is MINE BASKET and there is only room for one kitten in here!” But later on…

“Hallo!” said Belushi (I hear Squiggy in my head when I type that, by the way).

And lo, there were four kittens in that basket! That’s Belushi on the left, Carlin in the middle, and Louis and Rickles (with the white feet) on the right.

“HUGS!” said Rickles.

Then Rickles found some other place to be (my lap, if you must know), leaving behind a trio of sleepy kittens to occupy the basket.


Maxi would have you know that she wants in the garage RIGHT NOW, and you better hop to it!


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6-2-15 Tuesday — 24 Comments

  1. Ok, today’s posting produces nothing but smiles! I LOVE the “Hugs” photo! It is fabulous!!!

  2. Please place in the Favorites asap. And you are really surpassing yourself on the permanent-resident photo front, Robyn!

  3. So good to see that Carlin has made himself at home, and that his big brothers and sisters have welcomed him, as only siblings can, lol. When do they get to meet some of the Uncles?

    • Not ’til after Lucy’s gone – she has shown that she does NOT like the sight of the other cats, and I’m sure it’s because of that protective Mama thing.

  4. I love the ‘story’ and the frazzled basket. It has lots of history.

  5. This whole sequence absolutely cracked me up! and I needed that this morning!

  6. Rickles is just the embodiment of smugness. Cheeky little monkey.

    Shelton and Shecky has such gorgeous colors.

    • Not yet – Lucy isn’t a fan of the other cats around her kittens, so once she’s moved on, then we can introduce the kittens to the others. Though I should add that they’ve seen the permanent residents through the screen door and went SUPER floofed.


    Seriously, a picture on each page with the comment underneath (names changed to protect the innocent, and cat-fan slang modified), self-published on amazon, and BANG! You gotcherself a bedtime book franchise! Because all children’s books should be bedtime books.

    Just THINKING of a kitten in a basket makes me sleepy.

    • a riff on sleepy kittens here…I am a poor sleeper, and one of my problems is that at bedtime, I’ll lie in a nice comfy bed, in a cool dark room, and my mind will be RACING about some stupid stuff that happened that day and I cannot calm it down enough to drop off to sleep. Enter that video Robyn posted, of 3-week-old Louis getting waylaid by a sunbeam (Wandering Louis on youtube.) I can watch that wee yawning kitten a couple of times and my brain starts to yawn along with him, and before long, I’m out. Hey, that video could be broken down into a book, too!

  8. I love, love, love this entry. There’s baskets, shot-by-shot narrative, and a Hugs photo to melt for (easily one of my favorite Fools pics ever).

    Rickles and Belushi have gotten so handsome. Louis still has a bit of baby face. And Shecky and Skelton are huge!

  9. So is it Skelton that ousted Shecky in the first story? I cannot tell the buff brothers apart to save my life.

    • Yes – Shecky was in the basket, then Skelton climbed in on top of him, making Shecky say “NOPE” and stomp off, leaving Skelton behind. (Which I suspect was his plan all along!)