6-3-15 Wednesday

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“Who, ME? I didn’t do anything, honest!” Sure, Louis. SURE you didn’t.

When he gets that expression, it means that Belushi either wants a snuggle or to bite me and hasn’t decided which way he’s going to go.

Sweet Roseanne ALWAYS wants a snuggle.

Louis smiles for the camera (that boy cracks me UP).

Rickles wants to know just what I think I’m doing.

Same shot, different angle.

Shecky. That green pad goes nicely with his eyes!

Some more attitude from Belushi.

Oh, the teef on Rickles.

Shecky takes the new scratcher out for a spin.

Louis smilin’, Belushi attitudin’, and Skelton can’t even be bothered to look my way.

Gilda is having herself some Deep Thinkin’.

“Is the picture-takin’ almost over, lady? I’m tired of posing and need a nap.” You and me both, Louis. You and me both.

Several people have asked whether the kittens have met Uncle Dennis and/or Uncle Jake yet. I told a couple of people no, and that Lucy is too protective to allow that, so they’ll have to wait ’til she’s gone off to Petsmart in a couple of weeks. But then I remembered that Shecky did actually spot some permanent residents through the screen door the other night, and he went super-floofed. He was pretty freaked out, and when Fred reached down to pick him up (because it was bedtime and the kittens needed to go to their room), Shecky screamed and flailed and clawed at Fred.

On the other hand, Carlin – who likes to hang out at the bottom of the stairs – has seen plenty of the permanent residents, and they don’t skeer him none.


Stinkerbelle in the kitchen, waiting for Tommy to come back inside so she can get some Tommy Love.


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6-3-15 Wednesday — 10 Comments

  1. “Louis smilin’, Belushi attitudin’, and Skelton can’t even be bothered to look my way.” Hee hee, looks like the Fools are well in their teenaged, high school years, lol. Louis is clearly the one who’s gonna get pushed into his locker later for sucking up to the Weird Lady.

    I would so love to kiss that pretty face of Stinkerbelle. I’m guessing though that she wouldn’t love me doing it.

  2. Carlin may have had meetups with other cats before he became a Fool which may have helped him be so low key with your resident cats.

  3. Poor Fred (hope there wasn’t too much blood loss ) and poor Shecky !! Is it wrong that I giggled at the visual ??? 🙂

  4. Aww. Not surprised Carlin doesn’t floof out upon seeing permanent residents.- he must have seen quite a bit before becoming a Fool. In turn, I take it the permanent residents don’t floof out at the foster babies?

    Oh Louis. His sweet, goofy expressions are gold. I swear, he knows how to play up to your camera.

    And poor Shecky and Fred. I hope they’re both better!

  5. That shot of Gilda looks like a glamour shot. thena gain, does every picture of Gilda look like a glamour shot?

  6. 3rd from the bottom, Belushi’s tail tip makes him look like Alfalfa from Little Rascals. Also, he is my favorite of this litter. Can you tell him that for me? 🙂