6-3-13 – Mama Monday

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Hey, do you by any chance remember this silly girl?

That’s sweet little Purslane, sister of Dandelion and Thistle, from the Weeds (who were with us last Summer/Fall).

On Saturday, Lisa posted this picture on Facebook and asked if she looked familiar. I knew immediately who it was!

She was just at Petsmart for a visit (Lisa said she kept going back into her carrier because she didn’t like being there – I’m sure she remembered being there last year!) It’s so nice to see her sweet face again, isn’t it?

Now we just need Thistle’s parents to send us an update!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Elaine asked, over the weekend, when Lilybet had gotten adopted. It’s been a month! She was adopted at the beginning of May and went to a home where she’s the only cat. If I recall correctly, the lady who adopted her had just moved to the area, and I haven’t heard anything otherwise, so I’m assuming that all is well with that silly girl.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Tomorrow, our sweet girl Kate is off to Petsmart.

She’s been spayed and she’s up to date on her vaccinations and – really the impetus behind her going – she’s been spotted hanging out by the back door, so I thought it was time for her to go. Our fosters aren’t allowed outside, and I really don’t want to have to worry about her getting into the back yard and over the fence, so it’s for the best. Also, she’s not gaining weight very quickly because those babies of hers are eating her alive, so once she’s away from them and doesn’t have to expend calories on producing milk for them, she’ll put on some much-needed weight.

I hate this part, separating a mama from her babies. It always works out, they’re fine, but it makes ME sad.

I hope that someone sees her sweet, pretty face and falls in love immediately. She is a complete and utter sweetheart and she’s going to make a great addition to someone’s family.

So let’s wish her luck (I think there’ll be a few more pictures of her tomorrow) and of course as soon as she’s adopted, I will let y’all know.

And, a video. Poor Aslan, all he wants to do is nurse, but he is being DENIED. That boy certainly is persistent, though!

YouTube link.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Since I have all those pictures of Kate up there, I decided to put up a bunch of Khaleesi (though she won’t be going anywhere anytime soon!)

Keeping an eye on Norbert.

Hoping it’s almost time for a snack.

Checking Scorch’s behind to make sure it’s clean.

Keeping an eye on the kittens – ALWAYS keeping an eye on them.



Such a pretty girl.

She often seems to be thinking “HOW did I get here again?”

Keeping cool.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Suggie, in his house in the back yard.

Apparently it’s nap time.


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6-3-13 – Mama Monday — 49 Comments

  1. Love in the video how Kate is holding him off with one hand and cleaning her paw with the other, lol. This girl is so adorable I hope she gets adopted quick!

  2. Charlie and Simba are frantically searching the living room for Man. He’s a character. Hope he finds his forever home very soon.

    Hugs and best wishes to Mama Kate. How could anyone resist her?

    • Both Holly and Figaro had to come rushing in to find the other cat. Holly was probably thinking, “You better not have brought another cat home,” while Figaro was probably thinking, “Maybe THIS cat will be my friend.” 🙂

  3. Awwwwww wishing sweet wonderful Kate all the best! I do so hope she gets a forever family soon where she’ll be spoiled rotten! She deserves to be after doing the bestest job as mum to her beautiful babies!! Good luck Kate!! Fingers and paws crossed for you! Take care

  4. Awwww. Godspeed Kate – She’s so purty. May she go to a home with tons of food, tons of love, and lots of white laundry to lay on.

    Is it me or is Norbert a bat-eared little scrap of fur? <3 He sure is a cute little bugger.

    That picture of Puff and Khaleesi is priceless.

  5. Sweet baby Purslane hasn’t changed much! She still has those adorably kissable cheeks! It is SO awesome to see your fosters grow up!

    I so so so hope Kate gets adopted quickly. I just love her and I know know know she’ll make someone very happy!

  6. Wow – in that first picture you can really tell how skinny Kate is. Although I don’t want to see her go, I know she will be adotped quickly and have a wonderful life with lots of snacks and catnip toys.

    Aslan cracks me up. 🙂

  7. Kate is saying “Back off kid…can’t you see I’m trying to get my figure back?!” Good luck sweet Mama Kate! I hope your forever family comes quickly.

    Khaleesi just seems to have a look of perpetual surprise on her face. I think she’s still wondering about the extra kitten! 😉

    And I think Norbert has a little bit of the Magoo going on…

  8. I love when Aslan tries to go over Mama Kate’s back to nurse. He really is trying everything he can think of!

    • Good heavens. Imagine if boobs really did start growing on the back? There would be no escape! =:o

    • This was when I started laughing out loud – especially because, wasn’t it Aslan who did that little flippy thing, nursing upside down when one of his siblings slid out from under him or something? He got flipped but wouldn’t give up on that nipple – when I saw him try the “sneak up from behind” trick, that was all I could think of.

      Edited to say: It was YOU, Robyn! Your tickling started him on the road to EXXXXtreme Nursing!! lol

      I will drink milk right side up,
      I’ll drink milk without a cup.
      I’ll drink when Mama is awake,
      And I’ll drink through the naps she takes.
      I’ll drink and drink till I am full
      And then I’ll have just one more pull.
      I’ve even drank while upside down!
      I’m *the* best drinker in this town.
      I’ll sneak round back to steal a sip,
      And my Mama will – hey. Hey! HEY! MAMA! COME BACK! WAIT!

  9. Really? Kate’s being separated from her babies? So sad.

    I love watching her snuggle with Aslan and the others but you’re right. It’s time to wean those little cannibals who are eating their mama alive.

    She is so gorgeous, I hope someone falls in love really quickly with her.

  10. That picture of Aslan nomming on Kate’s tail is hilarious! Looks like she put on some tail floof and the ears of annoyance after being startled by some sharp little kitten teeth!

  11. Yikes! We have our first kittens to foster! Three little boys about 4 weeks, and a mom. They were only in the shelter two days and haven’t even had their combo test yet so that is high on the priority list, but for now they all seem to be thriving! I hope mine do as well as yours do!

  12. Poor Kate! Even under all the floof she is so thin! Mama needs a cheezburger!

  13. Sweet sweet kitty Kate !!! I will miss you but I know will have a wonderful forever home. Anyone considering adopting her just have to look at all the wonderful posts about her. They are the best resume !!!!!!!!

    Purslane you made my heart skip a beat you have grown into a most beautiful tortie !!!

  14. Awwww, Kate! She is so pretty! She’ll have a wonderful home quickly, no doubt, but it is still hard to think of her leaving her kittens. (The video does make the point that it is time, though!)

    I have a special spot in my heart for kitty-mamas! They go through so much and raise such lovely kittens.

    Sweet Purslane has grown into a lovely cat, as I knew she would. So happy for her – and Lisa!

    Fingers crossed for Man!

  15. If Kate’s still at Petsmart by the end of the weekend, I’ll eat my hat. I am REALLY going to miss her. 🙁