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They’re playing therapist and patient.
“And then I was eating the litter, and it was so good!”
“Yes? And how did that make you feel?”
“Like I wanted more!”

They’ve hit the age where they’re starting to play with toys! Oh, I love this age so much.

Scorch, coming over to see what Khaleesi’s up to.

“What’s in THIS bowl?”

Ember, checking out the bed. “Do I want a nap, or would I rather play?”

Norbert, International Man of Mystery.

I love how he’s giving the bucket of litter the side-eye. “I see you there, bucket. Don’t be messing with me.”

Here’s a video of the Dragons, and it’s clear that they’ve figured out how to use those legs of theirs (well, for the most part!)

YouTube link.

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I’m headed to Petsmart with Kate this evening. She’ll get one last day to hang with the babies and let them wear her down until she’s like “OKAY, just go ahead and NURSE already. JEEZ.”

I love her defiant look. “YEAH, I’m letting ’em nurse. I’m their mama. It’s my prerogative.”

Buttercup, distracted by the overhead light.

On her last afternoon with us, Kate did do plenty of DENYING those babies, though.

YouTube link.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Tommy, hanging out in the back yard, flashing his nipples to all and sundry.


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6-4-13 — 24 Comments

  1. The grey royal (I’m sorry, I don’t remember who is who), the one in the middle nursing with his/her tail wrapped around, seems to have ticked fur? Is that the right word? And the fur looks a little sleeker than the others’.

  2. The kitten video was just too cute for soooo many reasons! Scorch cracked me up! As for the Kate and kittens video…they were circling her like sharks!!!!!

    Norbert, International Man of Mystery. – LOLOLOLOL

  3. I love Khaleesi jumping the barrier. At first the kittens are “hi, Mom”, the she’s gone and its like “Mom who?”

  4. Now, this is awesome. I checked your past posts, like the ones with Creed, Dwight and Phyllis (one of my all-time favorites, that Phyllis) and guess what? Creed is just like Norbert! Black tuxie, white streak on his nose and forhead, white whiskers, attitude, same time of the year fostered in Crooked Acres. I mean, it’s wonderfull, isn’t it?

  5. Poor Mama Kate… looks like she’s forever being circled by hungry lions on the hunt. She holds them off pretty well while still showing mama-love. I sense a jingle coming on. “Mama Kate: Gives a kicking, but keeps on licking.” 🙂

    The Magoo is strong with young Norbert, it is.

    • Oh absolutely. My husband is military and stationed away from home, so my life is pretty much devoured by children. He takes the kids away on camping or ski trips a couple times a year and I don’t miss them one bit while they are gone. I just sit still in the silence and enjoy. Cheers, Mama Kate. It’s time for you to recharge and enjoy being you.

  6. Aw, I will miss the very beautiful Mama Kate. I hope the right family comes along soon. If we were not at our limit of three, right now I would be on the road down I65 to pick her up. I think there are less then 10 turns from our driveway to your driveway.

  7. Love the video of Khaleesi and the Dragons. They’re so adorable flailing their little feet everywhere! I cracked up at the end where Khaleesi is all, “welp, I’m gonna go take five and have a margarita!” and jumps over the barrier. Mamas need a break, too!

  8. I just Ember to curl up in my hand. What a little doll, she’s certainly mastered being dainty and diminutive.

  9. Good luck & quick adoption for Kate. She deserves a good forever home. Loved the Dragon’s video… the cute factor is off the charts. I have to say- something about Norbert has really got to me. I’m totally smitten with that little guy & I greatly envy whoever gets to adopt him. I wish it could be me. There’s just something special about him.
    Thanks for a great post today.

  10. Those are some VICIOUS little dragons!!! What with the chewing and the clawing and the biting, no wonder Khaleesi had to leave the room!

    You WILL let us know the instant Gorgeous Kate is adopted. That is not a request.

  11. I loved today’s videos !!!! Puff’s little grey toe patches are so adorable !!!! Scorch the “Halloween kitty extraordinaire ” priceless !!!! Ruth showing Ember who the boss is !!! I will have to watch it several times because there is so much going on with all the dragons. Such torture you are putting me through Robyn, having to watch the video over and over 🙂

    Mama Kate loves her babies so much !!

  12. When the babies are as big as the mama, it’s time for last call at the milk bar.

  13. I want to see a Norbert and Albert photo session! The 2 little orphans together:)

  14. Scorch doing the slippy-slide on ice – hilarious! Awww, Norbert’s sweet little face just makes me all gooey.

    I hope you find a wonderful home, beautiful Kate. You’ve been such a good Mama.

  15. I love Aslan’s little Jerusalem stripe. I want to ruffle his fur up the wrong way along that line. And it really looks like Kate’s almost daring them to come try to nurse! I love that nonchalant little boot-to-the-head she gives Aslan.

    I saw a video of an Abyssinian mother with her litter – she was chomping those babies UP! (at about the 1:00 mark) The narrator described it as “wrestling” but I was really surprised by how rough it looked. Do your mama cats tend to play that roughly with their babies, or is it maybe a somewhat breed-specific thing?

  16. When Scorch broke into the sideways run I just laughed like crazy. That boy is one adorable kitten. I loved when they all had someone to tussle with in the beginning too. Great video!

  17. When Scorch broke into the sideways run I just laughed like crazy. That boy is one adorable kitten. I loved when they all had someone to tussle with in the beginning too. Great video!