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The Noms have learned that Jake is a good friend to have.

2012-06-04 (1)
Newbery and Jake, bonding.

2012-06-04 (2)
Newbery gets a little big for his britches, and starts trying to pick a fight with Jake.

2012-06-04 (3)
Jake’s no shrinking violet and gets all “I WILL BITE YOUR EAR OFF!”, then stomps off in a huff.

2012-06-04 (4)
Leaving Newbery to wonder “Where’d he GO?”

2012-06-04 (5)
Newbery and the Ears of Annoyance.

2012-06-04 (6)
That’s Razzie in the background, keeping him company while he keeps an eye on the other cats in the house.

2012-06-04 (7)
Pretty, pretty boy.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I can’t believe that I told y’all the new guys’ names on Friday and that they’ll collectively be known as the Taters, but I didn’t explain why. They’re going to be known as the Taters because they’re all named after kind of potatoes!

(When I told Fred I was going to name them after potatoes, he said “Like ‘Baked’ and ‘Boiled’?” Ha ha.)

2012-06-04 (9)
Russet’s floofy little face just makes me want to pick him up and kiss him 1,000 times.

2012-06-04 (10)
Norland gives Russet a quick clean. (I understand that Russet’s floofy fur tastes like cotton candy.)

2012-06-04 (11)
It’s exhausting to be this cute, I’m telling you.

2012-06-04 (12)
Agata and her huge Precious Moments eyes.

2012-06-04 (13)
“Who… me? Um, nothing. I wasn’t going anywhere. Honest!”

2012-06-04 (14)
Kennebec, who looks a lot like Norland. He’s a lot smaller, though.

2012-06-04 (15)

2012-06-04 (16)
Norland is possibly the friendliest kitten I’ve EVER fostered. He’s a great big lovebug.

2012-06-04 (17)
Not sure the basket can contain all that fluff, Russet.

2012-06-04 (18)
Did I mention that this kind of cuteness is exhausting to keep up?

2012-06-04 (19)
Norland, slightly annoyed.

Norland and Russet are actually off to the vet this morning to be neutered. They’re more than big enough, and I could have left them to be neutered last Thursday. But I wanted to get them home and get to know them first, which I have been doing, and now I’d like to get the neutering over with. So these guys are going to be neutered today, and the Noms are going tomorrow. It’s going to be a neuter-and-spaypalooza ’round here!

The little Taters are still too small to be neutered and spayed, so they’ll wait for a bit.

Speaking of the little Taters – Kennebec, Agata and Fianna – they are starting to come out of their shells. By Saturday they were playing a rousing game of “OMG I SNIFFED THE HUMAN AND LIVED!”, and then Kennebec would get caught up in playing and Fred would pet him, and he’d roll over and purr and then do a double-take and say “OMG A HUMAN IS TOUCHING ME! DANGER! DANGER!” and run off.

Sunday morning, I petted Kennebec and Fianna, which they enjoyed a great deal. Then I stopped petting them and moved away, and it wasn’t long before they approached me and asked why I’d stopped. They’re still skittish, but I’m not worried. They’ll be great big lovebugs soon enough.

After the scarily intense eyes of Emmy (when I think of her, I think of her sounding like Charlize Theron in Snow White and the Huntsman, bellowing “YOU WILL NOT PET ME, HUMAN!”), some skittish kittens are not the least bit scary to me.

I mean, not that kittens that size could ever truly be scary (anything cuter than a hissing kitten? I think not!), but I’m less inclined to sit back and let them come to me these days.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2012-06-04 (20)
Jakey? Why so loony?

2012-06-04 (21)
“Why not?”


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6-4-12 — 54 Comments

  1. New kitties!?!? Oh wow!! Big hello to the Taters – how adorable! Lovely to see the Noms in that gangly age – gorgeous!

    Jake – you give loony a whole new meaning! Take care

  2. Beautiful pictures to add to my collection. Thanks Robin-keep them coming! And is it me or does Jake look like the cat version of Jack Nicholson?

      • Now that you mention it…

        I love that first photo of Jake and Newbery.

        I also love Agata’s eyes.

        So much to love about today’s post, really.

    • About a year ago, I commented that if they ever make a Crooked Acres movie, they need Jack Nicholson to voice the part of Loony Jake. The resemblance keeps getting stronger and stronger, to the point now that I think Loony Jake could voice some of Jack Nicholson’s roles, instead!

      (Yeah, I’m that anal-retentive that I looked up the links. My excuse: My memory is so shaky these days that it becomes a matter of utmost importance when I think I can remember something. I spent three hours last week trying to look up the correct spelling of a friend’s husband’s full name, though I know perfectly well he goes by “Chris.” It is STILL bothering me that I can’t find the email where she mentioned his full first name – which had a slightly different-than-usual spelling. My point is, I’ll take my memory-wins where I can get them, no matter how it makes me look/sound.)

      I wonder if Jack Nicholson has a blog or twitter, and if we could ever get his thoughts on his feline doppelganger? HMMM…..

      • And now I cannot stop hearing Nicholson’s voice saying “Heeere’s Jakey!!” We need to make this happen.

  3. What a great way to start the week…Taters, Noms and the loony one…thank you!!!

  4. Thank you so much, Robyn. I’m feeling bad that I’ve had to ask for help and you’ve made it easier! Anything that folks can give to help out my two oldsters will be much appreciated.

    And all the kittens are gorgeous!

    • I’m going to end the ChipIn since PayPal has placed a hold on the funds until I can show “Shipping Confirmation”.


      It’s obviously a mistake, but they’ve done this to other fundraisers of all types and it’s usually taken forever to resolve. For one example, go here: http://techcrunch.com/2011/12/06/do-you-hear-what-i-hear-yes-its-paypal-stealing-money-from-kids

      I’ll have to find another way to raise the money. Thanks to all who have donated so far — I can see from my email that several of you have done so.

      I will use your money for Fuzz and Sweetpea when and if it ever is released.

      I don’t know what else to do at this point since the situation is just so wrong.

      • Hi DoodleBean

        If paypal is requesting a shipping confirmation, could you just plug in a random USPS delivery confirmation number or a FedEx/UPS tracking number to confirm “shipped”??

        I am not having this problem with my PayPal but I also work in shipping so please let me know if you need tracking numbers – I can send you plenty of UPS tracking numbers that will show “delivered” recently….

        Robyn can give you my email address to contact me if you want to try that route. I know that none of the good and kind souls on here will file a claim or anything so I think that might help you release the money you need for your precious kittehs!

        • Rachael, I’m going to go ahead and forward your email address to Doodle Bean, so she can contact you if she has any questions. And thank you! 🙂

        • Rachel, as upset as I am by this, I don’t want to do anything that might be iffy. I have a PayPal credit card attached to my account which I need to use sometimes. As crummy as PayPal has been to me, I still need it. I don’t want to risk my account being shut down… which they also do for nonsensical reasons.

          God that sounds like an abused wife!

          Anyway, it’s true. Thanks so much for the offer.

          One thing people can do is to complain on my behalf to PayPal: https://www.facebook.com/paypal

          Thanks again!

          • I sent them a message on Facebook. For some reason, when I try to post on their page, it doesn’t “take”.

        • After sending nonsensical email after nonsensical email after nonsensical email to me, a PayPal rep finally called me and has assured me that they will unfreeze my funds within 224 – 72 hours.

          I hope they do but I won’t hold my breath.

          For almost 10 hours, they couldn’t understand the payments were donations and not payment for goods I was going to send out.

          I’m sorry, but PayPal support staff can’t tell the difference between ChipIn and Ebay even when it’s described to them

          Deep breath

          I’ll try to put my anger aside and get over today. What a pain!

          PayPal assures me that they will not freeze future funds but I might take a day or two to set up another ChipIn. I’d still rather do it that way than have my sister bear the whole brunt.

          Thanks again everyone!

      • DB, I am so upset that Paypal is doing this – wish I could help with a workaround. I hope Robyn that you will let us know if there is another option where we can contribute to the vetting of DoodleBean’s kittehs – she is a good online friend, and I think many of us know that such a situation could just as easily happen to us with our senior ones. If it can help, Robyn, please feel free to pass along my email to DB. Hugs!

        • Thanks, everybody. One of my family members read my Facebook entry and has offered to pay the full cost. So now so I can get the cats to the vet. Normally, I wouldn’t want her to go to the expense – she’s not made of money, either. But, don’t have options.

          Of course I’ll continue to follow-up with PayPal and, if and when the funds are released I’ll use them to pay for further vetting and/or meds for the kitties. Let me know if you have contributed and want a refund because I didn’t include meds in my original ChipIn.

          I just wanted to share one thing: I was sitting at my desk in tears of impotent rage after reading PayPal’s latest automated reply (I can’t call them because my phone plan is very cheap and has very limited minutes). Sweetpea, the 13 year old, jumped into my lap and kept mewing at me and brushing my hand with her head until I realized she was there (I was so upset it took a couple of moments). She then cuddled with me for quite awhile until I stopped crying!

          • Do you have a cell phone or a landline? Are you paying by the minute or are toll-free numbers free?

          • I pay by the minute. My phone is really just for making doctor’s appointments and in case of emergency (which is probably why I’m online all the time!)

            It’s a special deal through my state’s disability commision, so I doubt I could get one any better.

            Whenever I hear or read some conservative blowhard claiming that social service programs are the problem with America, I just want to spit! And I’m one of the lucky ones because when I became disabled I had a private disability insurance policy. Now that I’m on SSDI, I get a little extra each month from that private policy. Pity the poor people who have to find a way to make it on just SSDI!

            Sorry, I’ll get off my soapbox now. I’m still really upset, so I’m going to go to the Y (disability scholarship) and walk in the pool (all I can do exercise-wise). I’ll find a way to kick PayPal with every step I take!

          • Doodle Bean… I am glad and relieved to hear that you have a solution for now. Please keep us posted as to how we can help once this gets straightened out (and give your senior love bugs scritches for me!)

  5. I’m pretty sure Newbery is my favorite of the Noms… and those Taters are too cute! Always fun to see Jake as well.

  6. Lock the doors Robyn – – I swear Elaine is foaming at the mouth and pacing in her cube after seeing Russet.

  7. Russet just kills me dead. SO! CUTE! AND! FLUFFY!!!! BTW, if you put boots, a hat and a sword on Agata, Dreamworks will sue you for copyright infringement. 😉

  8. Orange floofy marmalades! My fave! Ask Garfield, my own personal OFM! 🙂

  9. Fred’s comment about “Mashed and Boiled” made me think of something that happened recently when I was playing “The Sims 3.” I have the “Pets” add-on, and you can adopt pets from the local shelter. They come already named, but you can rename them, but my Sim family just adopted a kitten whose name I just had to keep. He looks like Norland and Kennebec, and he was christened…French Fry. 🙂

    • I’m told that the littlest Taters were quite the mess when the woman who brought them to Challenger’s House got them, and she was like “I can’t give those to Robyn looking like this!”, so she bathed them. 🙂 Of course, they’re STAYING clean, too, so I’m lucky!

  10. Oh my gosh! Who in the world doesnt just love potatoes???? Perfect names for absolutly adorable kittens! I just want to mash them into a great big kitten pile and snuggle them!! Boiled, Baked, Mashed, AuGratan, Scaloped! HA! there’s five potato names for Fred! (probably miss spelled… but hey, they are there!)

    Jake! Love me some Jake! Priceless face that boy has.. He looks like he needs a smooch!

    • “Who in the world doesnt just love potatoes????”

      This was my belief about 16 years ago – then I realized that the universe had gifted me with a child who LOATHES potatoes in any form other than french-fries or chips. And just to make sure we can’t agree on the french fries or chips either, he likes plain chips (I prefer BBQ) and spicy-seasoned fries! There must have been a mixup at the hospital… either that or he’s brain damaged, because come on – POTATOES! What’s not to love?

      It’s probably a good thing that he doesn’t like them, actually; mashed potatoes are my go-to comfort food, but it’s too much hassle to make them just for me. If he liked mashed potatoes, I’d make them much more often, and I’d probably be the size of an elephant by now.

      • Elayne… I have been gifted with just such a child. Child #3 acts as if potatoes are poison. I could deal with that, but Child #2 will not touch cheese. CHEESE!!!!!???!! If I didn’t know better, I’d think he was adopted because those taste buds certainly did not come from me.

  11. I love “Andrea and the Celestial Kitties” recommendation of “Boiled, Baked, etc.” Those are too cute! I don’t know if you follow “Big Bang Theory,” but they have some good names on there too: Leonard, Sheldon, Raj, Howard, Penny, Bernadette, Amy …

    The last picture of Jake is one of my all-time favorites. (Shoot, all your kitteh pictures are my faves!) 😀

    • Oooh! I’d love to see a BBT bunch! And Robyn can sing “Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty” to them. ♥

      • I’m fairly sure that those names have been used before – the shelter manager’s a big fan of the show, too. 🙂

  12. Kennebec is using advanced feline mind-control techniques on me, telling me to go get in the car right now, and head east… Those eyes!

    Our local shelters are so overwhelmed with kittens right now that they’ve lowered the adoption costs by almost 1/3d, in the hopes of getting more people to adopt – and it IS mostly kittens that they have, not like normally when the kittens are snatched right up and the older cats left to languish. My mother told me that, and I told her that if I wind up adopting more kittens it’s going to be HER fault. And since it’ll be her fault, there’s no reason for me not to do it, right? lol

  13. I don’t know how many rooms you have in that house of yours but I swear after reading your posts I always wish you were a B&B I could visit!