6-4-09 – Creed, Dwight & Phyllis.

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2009-06-04 (1)
Such a pretty boy.

2009-06-04 (2)
“Pipe down, Phyllis, this one is mine!”

2009-06-04 (3)

2009-06-04 (4)
LOVE his crooked little whiskers.

2009-06-04 (6)
Dwight jumped over to the window sill and Creed does NOT approve.

2009-06-04 (5)
I call this one “Princess Monkeybutt with Eye Boogers.”


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6-4-09 – Creed, Dwight & Phyllis. — 2 Comments

  1. So cute! And I hear ya on the eye boogers – back when I was doing foster care, I don’t think I got a single kitten photo without the ol’ eye yuck spoiling the shot!

  2. They are such cuties, and your pictures are so great. I love that last one – so typical that one kitty has eye boogers – at some point you have to wonder if they plan it! Like – ok, you have them today, and I will keep mine in tomorrow.