6-1-10 – The Bookworms & the Rescuees.

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I’m uploading my pictures a different way this week – actually using WordPress to do it – so if you guys can’t see the pictures or they look odd to you, please let me know.


All four in one shot!

Fred leaves his briefcase on top of the chair near the door.
Rhyme thinks it’s a pretty great place to hang out.

Have you ever seen a happier kitten?

Elwood’s all ::slurpslurpslurp::
Corbett’s all ::PURRRRRRR::
Rhyme’s all “I cannot watch this.”

Rhyme. Is he a beautiful kitten, or what?

Corbett and Reacher, fighting.


“Bleh. This mouse tastes funny.”

Sheila’s all “BRING IT ON, SONNY!”

Emo Sheila.

Sheila says “Yeah. Apparently nothing interesting going on up HERE, either.”



Stinkerbelle jumped up on top of the bookcase in the front room to sleep in her bed and found that Elwood was already there. Truly, she did not know WHAT to do. She hissed, she smacked, she had a fit, and Elwood was all “Wut?” Finally, we put a second cat bed up there, and now she settles into whichever bed is free and does her best to ignore Elwood.


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6-1-10 – The Bookworms & the Rescuees. — 4 Comments

  1. Oh they are all so cute! And the Stinkerbell/Elwood conflict just cracks me up because, well, our house is the same way. We have two beds on the back of the sofa because of that same problem! They do prefer one (whichever is closest to me) over the other but they will take it if it is free. If both are occupied, then there can still be a smackdown (or someone will just try and scoot in which almost never works).

  2. It’s not fair! Your kittens last forever! Teego’s all grown up and his voice has broken and everything!. I wanted him to stay all kitteny! 🙂

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