6-3-18 Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook/Tumblr Roundup.

Oksana’s face is cracking me UP.

Torvill, hangin’ out.

Good night, innernets. (Tessa, Oksana & Kristi)

Aunt Alice wants none of what you’re sellin’, kid.

Oh, that face kills me dead. Picabo is such a pretty girl!

Streeetch! (Torvill)

Good night, innernets. (Ohno & Scott)

I’m not sure how Picabo got up there, but she was too skeered of Auntie Alice to climb down past her. (I rescued her.)

It appears I’ve interrupted something. (Oksana & Brian Boitano)

Dreaming about toes.

A giant chocolate-frosted donut with sprinkles, topped with a Torvill? Don’t mind if I do!

Fresh litter is very exciting! (No one poops alone.)

“Get yer own pie plate, innernets. This one is full up!”

Torvill & Oksana, bird watchin’.

Sittin’ ‘round with her tongue sticking out because why not?


Good night, innernets.

Rabbit rabbit.

If, like me, you’re suddenly having an inexplicable craving for donuts, I have good news for you: it’s National Donut Day! You can get a free donut from @dunkindonuts and @krispykreme, among other places! (Kittens not included)

Hanging out with mama.

Good night, innernets.

Haaaave you met Torvill (gorgeous housepanther) and his sister Oksana (floofy tuxie)? They are 13 weeks old, have been neutered & spayed, are up to date on their vaccinations, and it is time for them to find their forever home! He is a super playful boy who bounce-bounce-bounces across the room after toys, has tons of energy, and yet will let you pick him up and hold him on his back like a baby (for a few minutes, anyway, until he decides he’s got places to GO). He tolerates being kissed, purrs like crazy, and loves to bounce up after feather teasers or chase toys you toss for him.

Sweet floofy Oksana is a tiny bit shy, but warms up quickly. Like her brother, she’ll let you hold her on her back like a baby, and is SUPER playful – we’re pretty sure she’s got springs for knees, because that girl will BOUNCE at the slightest provocation. If they sound like just the thing your home needs, please email Forgotten Felines of Huntsville at info@ffhsv.org (We are located in Huntsville, Alabama.)

Can you believe that tiny Scott (the orange tabby) and his nearly-as-tiny sister Debi have not been adopted yet? I mean, true – they won’t be ready for a few weeks yet (mid June), but we would love to have them go home straight from here. Scott is a very sweet, mild-mannered boy who loves if it you pick him up and hold him against you. If you want to gaze into his eyes, he’ll go for that, too – and if you want to rub noses? Sure thing, that’s fine with him. He’s a pretty laid-back boy is what I’m saying, but he’s got his crazy moments too – he ADORES toys with feathers attached, and has been known to walk around with a feather toy in his mouth while growling at his siblings to show them that it belongs to HIM. He is not only sweet and adorable, he has fur that is super silky and a pleasure to touch. Luckily he loves to be petted, snuggled, and kissed, and he will quietly purr the entire time. His sister Debi is a little less laid-back – she’s got OPINIONS – but she is just as sweet and snuggly as he is. You barely have to touch her before she’s purring her silly little head off. She doesn’t want to be held on her back like a baby, but she will happily flop onto her back next to you and suggest that you rub her belly. She is a little nut who loves to bounce across the room, will arch up like a Halloween kitty if something surprises her, and she can bounce surprisingly high after a feather teaser. Scott and Debi will be spayed and neutered in mid June and ready to go home after that; if super sweet with a side of crazy sounds like just what you need, please email Forgotten Felines of Huntsville at info@ffhsv.org (We are located in Huntsville, Alabama)

Sweet snuggly girls. (Oksana & Picabo)


Video! The Week in Love & Hisses Kittens: May 27 – June 2.

YouTube link


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6-3-18 Weekly Roundup — 7 Comments

  1. Aunt Alice really wants that kid off her lawn, lol. She ain’t askin’ twice.

  2. Picabo and Alice Mo in the tree… what IS that background color and are y’all gonna do paint before ‘n afters like you did at Crooked Acres? And I’m having deja vu… didnt a boy kitty – a Bookworm, maybe? – go “missing” one night and it turned out Stinkerbelle had him similarly treed?

    • It’s some shade of blue, and hell no we’re not doing paint before & afters, because we love the colors as they are. Part of the attraction of this house was knowing that we could just move in and not have to do any work to make it livable (joke’s on us – we had to get a new water heater within a couple of months, just had to have a big tree cut down and other annoying things… but at least we don’t have to paint. 🙂 )

      Good memory – it was a teenage Corbie who was treed by Stinkerbelle and too scared to come down past her!

    • And I scrolled down (still May 17, 2010) and realized why I remembered the treeing incident – this was the day you posted the “Creepy Cousin Spanky” photo (another LOL shot) and I’d bookmarked it.

  3. I wish you had emoji buttons for each of the pictures – the “fresh litter-no one poops alone” picture cracked me up!!! Love these kitties!