6-1-17 Thursday

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Lovely people of the innernets, it is the first day of the month, of course, and so we have turned the calendar page once again.

If you own an Anderson kitties calendar, then you probably already know this, but for those procrastinators out there (my people!), the calendar cover boy for June is…

Loony Jake, in his big pink bed.

If you’re the sort who owns a Love & Hisses calendar, on the other hand, then for the month of June you get to admire…

The adorable Pink, who was with us for a short while in December 2015 – January 2016.


I went to visit my fosters-in-waiting on Monday, and got a few pictures. I also (yesterday) got the word on how y’all can submit your suggestions for names. Instead of going with the Wild West theme we’d planned, Victoria (who found them and turned them over to Challenger’s House) suggested that since the radio station she works for – WZYP – is a top 40 music station, we should go with a pop culture naming theme instead.

So we’ll put the name “Belle Starr” in the vault for future use and concentrate on finding good pop culture-themed names.

To enter your suggestion, you have to go to the WZYP Facebook post and enter your name suggestion under the picture of the kitten you’re suggesting it for (I hope that makes sense). Please don’t make your suggestions in the comments here because it needs to be on the Facebook post to be considered.

Got it? Good!

He’s adorable, he’s a talker, he enjoys a good scratch between the ears – he’s Brown Tabby Boy, and you can make your suggestions here.


He’s adorable, he’s nosy, he loves a good visit to the milk bar – he’s Lynx Point Boy (I think?), and you can make your suggestions here.


He’s a hunky chunky monkey (he feels quite a bit heavier than the other three), he was sleepy and not inclined to come visitin’, he’s Gray Tabby Boy, and you can make your suggestions here.


She’s fearless, an explorer, and the first to climb into my lap and prove herself to be a lapkitten, she’s Girl, and you can make your suggestions here.


She’s attentive but not overbearing, sweet, friendly and sleek, she’s Mama, and you can make your suggestions here.

(If any of those links don’t work for you, please let me know.)

Lunch time!


Praline does a little dance.

From on high, Roux disapproves.

Praline, appalled at how desperately that window needs cleaning.

Andouille, judging.

Is very important to floss every day, as illustrated by Roux.

I bet you thought I forgot it’s Thlurrrpsday!

Floofy girl. (Beignet)

Floofy boy.

Uh… yep. Did I mention that sometimes we just shouldn’t ask questions?


Laying at the base of her favorite tree, making like a pirate and hoping a bird comes along, that’s our Maxi. She doesn’t usually look quite this rough, but she’d been rolling around in the dirt.


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6-1-17 Thursday — 9 Comments

  1. The links worked for my plethora of pop-induced names (okay, I seem to have had a musical theme looking back on them).

  2. Lynx Point Boy – Probably a Lynx color point with socks. As he ages, he may get a saddle also…never know. They darken and change color so much as they age. My Ragdoll mix (looks pure) changed until he was about 4. Strong lynx marks now…none as a baby. Has chocolate points and legs and a saddle.

  3. Check out Praline’s fashionably asymmetrical zipper!

    Oh brown tabby boy, you are so going to break hearts.

  4. It would seem the Cajun babies have entered into the “gawd, you are so weird and embarrassing…” stage of their childhood (tween/teen) years.

  5. These babies just keep getting cuter and cuter every day! They’ve reached the ‘head explodes from the cute’ level! Your FB videos… these kittens seem to be exceptionally springy… is there a bit of bunny in them or is this truly the Cajun spice coming out in them? 🙂