5-31-17 Wednesday

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Praline flipped onto her back like a baby (BAY-bee!), and she’s not sure what she thinks about it.

Andouille atop the cat tree, and feeling emo. “Is this all there is? Are there no higher, um, heights to aspire to?” Hey, he’s 8 weeks old. Give him time to hone his ponderings.

Beignet shows off her pointy teefs.

His head is in the palm of my hand and his body is balanced on my arm. A far cry from the days when his entire body fit in my hand!

Have I mentioned that Roux is turning into a lapkitty? Every morning, while everyone else is eating, she sneaks over and climbs into my lap for some love. And then she smells her own feet.

There are occasions when it’s probably best not to ask questions.

You know, Beignet, not sure I appreciate the attitude you’re giving me, but I do have to give you a four stars for your thlurrrp-ing form.

Roux, keeping an eye on me from above.

Seesters. That’s Praline toward the top of the picture, Roux toward the bottom. (I can tell not only in their coloring – Praline’s got more of that caramel tint – but also because Praline’s got a rounder face, and Roux’s is more angular.)(Also, I checked their feet after I took that picture.)

Praline admires Roux’s yawning skillz.

And a flash of the teef before the yawn ends. Nicely done, Roux!


The kittens were completely insane last night before bed. My favorite part of this video is Praline’s Godzilla walk and then hop back and forth between her front and back legs, and then her superhero leap to the blue cat tree. And then Andouille hippity-hopping around and then putting on his floof suit. It was total anarchy in that room last night!

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Slow down Praline’s Godzilla walk, hopping back and forth and then superhero leap? I think I will, thank you!

YouTube link


The distinguished elder statesman Newt cares not for your silly kittens.


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5-31-17 Wednesday — 16 Comments

  1. “There are occasions when it’s probably best not to ask questions.”

    Well, that’s it. I’m dead.

    • I had to put my hand over my mouth to keep the laughter in. It wouldn’t do to laugh out loud in my office by myself.

      But, gotta say, the one that killed me dead is the one where he’s on Robyn’s arm and hand and his head is all twisted down and the arm is pushing on her. A mixture of rub my head but don’t get too close. And all that floof!!

  2. The videos are precious! Between the kittens and all of the “covfefe” memes, I can’t stop giggling this morning.

  3. I needed this cuteness this morning! Andouille, when you get to your forever home, you will have an abundance of climbing poles. Jessica can show you the “ropes”. Just don’t let her teach you her no-no shortcut of getting to the top nest of one of the poles by coming down from the landing via the grandfather clock! Praline, I give you a 10 for your bounce board take-off and vault.

  4. Oh, Andoille reminds me so much of my boy, Pyry, in that video! They don’t look at all alike – Pyry is actually the spitting image of Joe Bob – but something about Andoille’s goofy dorkiness makes me immediately think of Pyry! Maybe it’s just a boy thing 😀

  5. How do you not laugh when they act like that?? I would not have one decent video cause all you would hear is me laughing…as I do when I watch your videos.

  6. Oh, the insanity! I love how Mama Nola is keeping herself well out of the way of those crazy kittens, she’s no dummy. I guess she got tired of being a speed bump 🙂

    • I was wondering where Nola was in all that craziness, when I spied her safely tucked in the basket behind the scratching post! 😀

  7. A brilliantly choreographed piece on the state of the nation for a modern-dance troupe, kiddos!