5-30-17 Tuesday

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Roux and Praline occupy the Fancy Sofa, while Andouille and Beignet discuss whether to join the party or run off and play.

Roux (front) and Praline really enjoy the fancy sofa.

And Roux runs off to play, while Praline settles in to have a think.

Snack time for the kittens! (Someone JUST asked if I’d gotten any pictures of the kittens around their snack plate and I told her that they tend not to be as food-driven as previous litters… and then I was able to get this picture. They just wanted to make a liar out of me, I think.)

“I wish it would stop raininnnng!” Me too, Roux. Me too.

::thlurrrp:: (Praline)

::chomp:: “Tastes like ornj!”


Oh, that girl – all whiskers ‘n floof.

Oh that girl and her sweet little innocent face. I think she needs a squeeze, don’t you?


Video! I call this one “kittens are dorks,” because they are. Especially Andouille, followed up by Praline.

YouTube link


Fred went to run an errand yesterday, and his puppykitten Frankie sat on this fence post the entire time, whipping his tail back and forth. I don’t know – you think that boy loves his daddy?


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5-30-17 Tuesday — 14 Comments

  1. Oh, these kittens… I’m going to miss seeing their dorky little faces when they leave home!

    Aw, Frankie is such a sweetheart.

  2. Omg!!! Puppykitten is what we call our Boo Boo!!! He follows my Dad around so much he causes my Dad to almost fall. We joke that he loves my Dad with a passion that could burn the sun. Ha!

  3. My favorite photo of Frankie — I’m still so happy he’s with you and his hero!

  4. If I didn’t already have 4 cats and my little house wasn’t about to gain two more humans to live there, I’d totally adopt Praline and Roux. I miss my brown tabby Leo!

  5. Thank you, thank you, Kay for setting up the Facebook page for us to watch Andouille (Andre) and Beignet (Belle) grow up!

    Loved the video, they’re just so darn adorable.

    Frankie the puppykitten, love it!

      • GD, just saw your question, hopefully you’re coming back to look.

        It’s Kitty Kisses, I’m not good with links but Robyn has it in yesterday’s (29th) post. In the paragraph after the pictures.

  6. I love that picture of Praline on the pink bed. Kind of cheesecaky pose but so sweet!

  7. Frankie looks so happy. I’m glad he’s doing well. How are all of the strays you’ve been dealing with recently? (Fancypants 2.0, Jimmy Ray, the skinny white kitty)

  8. I bet that fancy couch could hold all of them, but it looks like Roux knows how to eject everyone and keep it for herself!

    Good thing Frankie stayed on the fence waiting instead of trying to see where his daddy went! I could just see him chasing the car down the drive way screaming ‘take me with yooouuuu!’