5-29-17 Mama Monday

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Nola’s Cajuns are 8 weeks old today, can you believe it? I’d show you comparison pictures of each of them, but we had a busy weekend, and I didn’t get a chance to take pictures. I’m hoping to get that done by the time they turn 2 months old on June 3rd.


I got a bunch of nice pictures of Nola both with her kittens and on her own, so today is Mama Monday. Enjoy!

Nola, hanging out on one of the shelves under the window. I haven’t seen her up there since she was pregnant. (Which isn’t to say that she hasn’t been up there, just that I haven’t seen her!)

“Shhh, don’t tell the kids where I am!”

In case you wondered whether the kittens could nurse after Nola was spayed and if she’d let them – they certainly can, and she certainly does. That’s Praline at the milk bar.

Praline and Beignet.

Praline and Beignet and Andouille.

You can almost see the light bulb go on over Roux’s head.


The whole family.

A mama and her Praline.

A mama and her Andouille.

A lot of people have asked recently when Nola would stop letting the kittens nurse. My past experience has shown that mother cats will let their kittens nurse FOREVER. So, basically, I expect that these kittens will nurse until the day they leave Nola.


Kay has started a Facebook page so that we’ll be able to watch Andouille (Andre) and Beignet (Bella) as they grow up! Go check out Kitty Kisses and “like” it. Thank you so much, Kay, we’re going to love watching them grow!


Videos! First, in case you missed it in yesterday’s post, I slowed Roux’s superhero leap way, way down and got so much better.

YouTube link

And secondly, speaking of Roux – she finds that the very best toy is always juuust out of reach.

YouTube link


Dewey on the cat tree in my room – which is one of his favorite places to be.


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5-29-17 Mama Monday — 7 Comments

  1. Aww that picture of Dewey almost looks like it is framed by a heart shape!

  2. You know it’s a wonderful start to a Monday when you’re treated to a Mama Nola Monday!

  3. Mama Nola is so gorgeous, I hope she finds a wonderful home of her own!! I’m so happy we can continue to follow Andouille and Beignet in their forever home. I wanna see what they look like when they’re all grown up! Also, Dewey looks SO adorable in that picture.

  4. Thank you Kay for letting us see The Floof Brigade grow up! I knew that Beignet would turn into Bella. It suits her. Andre is a great name too, but I will always think of him as “that goober.” LOL

    Hopefully the stripey twins and Nola will find homes before they have to go to Petsmart. <3

    Dewey is just adorbs! And the 2016 post – Stefan with his "present." LOLOLOLOLOL