5-29-15 Friday

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Look at that innocent face on Shecky. “Who, me? Holding down the baby and making him squeal? I’d NEVER!”

“ExCUSE me, innernets.”

“My EYES are up HERE.”

Do you see the bratty attitude coming off this one? Does he think he’s a teenager, or what? “GAWD, lady, THAT ISN’T WHAT I WANTED. I WANTED YOU TO BRING ME TREATS.”

I just love it when the kittens (in this case, Shecky (left) and Gilda) hug each other.

Such a pretty girl.

She thinks that Skelton makes a comfy pillow. She lurves her buff brudders.

Wahhhhh! He’s da BAYBEE!

Gilda, Rickles, and Skelton watching… something. I don’t remember what.

“Don’t look, Carlin! It’s the weird lady and her camera again!” Oh, that Belushi. Such a helpful big brudder.


Tommy keeps his eyes on my hand in hopes that treats will appear.


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5-29-15 Friday — 7 Comments

  1. Oh man, Belushi and Carlin together, and Tommy bringing up the rear. Talk about heavenly.

  2. I love Shecky’s and Belushi’s expressions. Both of them “just babysitting” little Carlin (whose sulky little face looks like he wanted treats over another picture!).

  3. The picture of Carlin is KILLING ME! I just wanna snuggle that wittle bitty beebee!