5-28-15 Thursday

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I don’t know what Louis is looking at, but it must be fabulous!

“Hey, look! There’s a whole other room out there! And it’s got kitties who look like us, only not quite as good-looking!”

“How do we get in there?!”

Rickles is such a sweet little snuggler. He and Gilda and Belushi are always the first ones in my lap.

Roseanne’s sitting by the door, trying to figure out how to reach the handle and get the door open. Belushi’s looking in the mirror, all “!!!!” Gilda’s laughing at her own joke. And Shecky’s considering a sip of water.

It’s like a kitten totem pole! That’s Rickles on the top, Shecky in the middle, and Louis at the bottom.

Louis considers putting on his Floof Suit.

Carlin (on the floor, stomping toward Shecky) is a kitten on a mission.

Carlin on the trackball toy, and Rickles on the floor, checking out the Silvervine pillow.

Carlin loves that scratcher. Well, I guess I should say loved. Loved it so much he pooped on it! I’m glad he doesn’t love me that much.


Carlin is such a little nut. Note that he’s holding his back leg up in front of his face… but licking his front paw.


Sugarbutt strikes a mysterious pose.


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5-28-15 Thursday — 7 Comments

  1. Just when you thought these little muffin Fools couldn’t get any better, you go and add Carlin into the mix and man, do they make my day!

    And btw, why has no one snatched up that handsome Creed?? If he were here in Toronto, he’d be sitting pretty with his new brothers and sister, taking over my couch (whoops, sorry. THEIR.).

  2. The way Carlin always has one foot in the air sure does make it seem like he’s related to Lucy! It’s so cute to see that little nugget with his slightly older siblings. He’s the kooky baby brother that’s just a few steps behind everyone else. 🙂

    *waves to Brigitte* I’m in Toronto, too!

  3. Aww, look at all the little monkey butts at Kitten Central. Your world must be a happy place.

  4. “Carlin is such a little nut. Note that he’s holding his back leg up in front of his face… but licking his front paw”

    such a show-off :p