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I got an update from Gayle on Princess – the elderly kitteh whose owner’s landlords changed their minds about allowing cats – and Gayle said:

A quick update on Princess. The ride to her new home was very uneventful, She snuggled in Tristan’s arms and purred the whole way home. After a quick sniff and cat-scan of her new digs, she made her way into Tristan’s room and spent the night snuggling with her on the bed.

I found out from Bob that April had mentioned a coworker needing to find a home for his senior cat at dinner one evening. Tristan kept at her mom until she agreed to take Princess in and then would not let her rest until they came to pick her up. I think we might have a budding Cat-Lady in her.

All said, it looks like a good fit and Bob has visitation rights. Not quite the same as having her there at his apartment, but she has landed in a good place.

I don’t know about y’all, but I’m pretty sure that I LOVE Tristan. I’m so happy for Princess that she ended up in such a good place!

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2012-05-28 (1)
I love it when they sleep in this position. I can’t help it, I always have to kiss them.

2012-05-28 (3)
Logie’s not kidding, she’s going to mess him UP.

2012-05-28 (2)
“No she ISN’T. She’s just PLAYING, lady. Don’t you know anything?”

2012-05-28 (4)

2012-05-28 (5)
Someone got popped in the eye by his sister, I suspect.

2012-05-28 (6)

2012-05-28 (7)

2012-05-28 (9)
This is the condo on the cat tree in the front room. All four of them were in there sleeping – you can see Logie’s ear in the background.

2012-05-28 (10)
Darwin tends to disappear on us, and then she suddenly reappears. I could not, for the life of me, figure out where she was hiding, until the other day when I spotted her coming out of the Room with a View (which is located beside the wooden filing cabinet, which is located next to my desk).

2012-05-28 (11)
“I guess I need to find a new hiding place, don’t I?”

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2012-05-28 (13)
Tom Cullen is such a pretty, pretty boy.

2012-05-28 (14)
And he knows it!


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5-28-12 — 18 Comments

  1. Please continue to keep those of us who are FB-free in the loop about Kelly’s kitties and also her Teeny Tiny Tabbies. Thanks πŸ™‚

    • Holly, I’m planning to get a blog going as soon as I have a quiet moment to figure out how to do it. Might take a couple weeks to get ready, but then there will be lots of updates! ((In the meantime, you’ll hear about her here because I just can’t stop talking about how fabulous she is!))

  2. Oh Newbery… never underestimate the intent and power of your sister.

    Thanks for the shout-out, Robyn. I knew you were behind it when I woke up to 20 new likes on the Teeny Tiny page this morning πŸ™‚ I can’t get over what an absolute love Miss Penny is. My three nephews (9 years old and 7 year old twins) are here this weekend and she loves being petted by and playing with all of them. She is going to make an excellent family cat… after raising her family here with me first (YAY!)

  3. I just LOVE your website. I’ve been very sick since March and reading about the Noms and all your animals have so cheered me up. Great job – keep it up!

  4. BTW – I love how Logie’s ear is bent back in that one picture. The look on their faces is priceless!

  5. I noticed you’re using Cats Pride Fresh & Light litter and was curious how you like it. I recently switched to it (from Arm & Hammer) & so far I like it better. It seems to clump just as well, and isn’t nearly as dusty. Downside is not everyone has it & I have to drive 40 miles to the closest Pet Smart to get it.
    Great news about Princess, BTW. Glad she found a good home… makes my day.

  6. What a pleasant surprise to find a post on this holiday! Happy Memorial Day!

    I love the photo of Logie with the bent back ear and Newbery with the bent down eye! I’m sure you’ll keep an eye on that eye to make sure it’s not badly injured!

    And I might have to change my mind about Spanky/Jake/Joe Bob being my love my love! Tommmy’s looking pretty good in those photos!


    • P.S. SO glad to hear about Princess! Senior cats are hard to place, as they say. I’m especially glad that Bob has visitation rights. Princess’ new subjects sound like good people!

  7. YAY for Princess and her new mama! May they only have blissful days!

    The photo: β€œNo she ISN’T. She’s just PLAYING, lady. Don’t you know anything?” slayed me and your commentary was perfect! πŸ™‚

    Yes the picture with the squinty eye and bent ear shows that it got a little rougher than he expected! LOL

  8. One thing I just realized that you deliver as a bonus with any of the kitties that have graduated from the Crooked Acres Finishing School for Proper Young Kitties: they are quite accustomed to being photographed by the time they leave your care!

  9. I hope that Gayle will let Tristan know how many total strangers now think she’s great. And speaking of fans, Kelly, how’s Norman? As for the Noms, their scrawny necks are making them even more adorable than ever. Love this phase!