5-27-15 Wednesday

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I was all set to attend BlogPaws this week, when something came up* and I had to cancel. I’m extremely disappointed, of course, not least because I was finally going to meet Connie and Jeanne along with a million other cool bloggers. Hmph. They’re under instructions to take lots of pictures so I can live vicariously through them, though, and hopefully I’ll get to attend a future BlogPaws.

I have stuff to do, so I won’t be around much in the next couple of days, but I’ve pre written and scheduled posts so y’all won’t have to do without. The usual Q&A Friday post will be skipped this week, and I’m not sure if I’ll get a chance to do the Weekly Roundup on Saturday – but I’ve pre written a post for Saturday, so there’ll be something there, at least.

Don’t be too worried about the lack of posts on Instagram, they’ll pick back up after the weekend!

*No, Doug Simpson, the Big Man on Campus did NOT ask me to the dance, and is it just me, or did that guy look like he was about 35 years old?


Kittens like baskets.

(I know! I was as shocked to learn this amazing information as you are!)

Roseanne fits perfectly in that basket.

It’s a cool place to hang out AND a tasty treat!

It’s a Skelton in a basket!

Shecky needs more room to stretch out than that little basket can provide. ~~thlurrrp!~~

Belushi’s all “MY basket. Mine! ~~thlurrp!~~”

Doesn’t that worried little Carlin face kill you dead?

As long as you’re comfy, kiddo.

Watching Louis play with the catnip toy.

“This basket not big enough for us both, Louis! I am tiny, but I needs my space!”

Gilda and Skelton manage to cram themselves into that tiny basket. There’s a lot of overhang, though.

“Halloooo, laydeez. You wanted a bowl of Shecky, perhaps?”

(The funny thing is that after I wrote this post, I was adding the links to previous years’ posts – see the bottom of the page – and the post from last year has Grant, Gilbert and Marshall in the exact same basket!)

We haven’t let Lucy stay in the room with the kittens overnight yet, but she pretty much goes in there for a couple of hours in the morning, then again in the evening. Fred gives her one last visit at bedtime (8:00. No, I’m not kidding – he’s an early to bed, early to rise guy. I myself stay up much later. Why, once I saw the clock turn over to 12:01! True story!), then puts her in the bathroom. She gets along with the kittens pretty well, but can get overwhelmed – and who could blame her? Yesterday everyone but Louis was nursing, and when Louis came over to join in on the fun, she growled at him. Then she sat up (leaving a pile of sleepy kittens laying on the floor) and went over to drink some water. When Louis followed her, she turned and growled at him again.

Poor Louis – he was so confused! Then, to add insult to injury, Skelton came over and was all “Hiiiii, Mama, I lurrrrrve you!” and she responded by chirruping at him and licking him on the head.

Later, she growled at Belushi and gave Louis the love.

She’s treating Carlin just like any of her kittens – I’ve seen her grooming him, I’ve seen him nursing plenty, and sometimes she growls at him. I’d be okay with her not letting them nurse at all, but she’s still letting them do so, at least for a few minutes at a time. I think we’re definitely moving toward weaning, though.


Videos! Sometimes a kitten just has to put on his floof suit and strut around, y’know?

YouTube link.

And a video focusing on Belushi, that sweet, quiet little man who probably doesn’t get enough screen time. The bouncing at the beginning is completely awesome.

YouTube link.


Miz Poo’s favorite place to be. She spends the majority of her day there (there’s a heated pad under that bed), only coming down to eat or drink or wander around looking vaguely confused. She’s doing well – she’s actually gained a little much-needed weight recently. She wasn’t in the mood to model yesterday, though, so here’s a picture of her sleeping.


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  1. What are you feeding Miz Poo these days? She’s about 16, right, if my math before dawn can be trusted.

  2. hey! that guy is one of the von trapp kids from the Sound of Music! and how sad it is that i actually wore those same super groovy Jan’s pants.

  3. if you don’t think I’m extremely disappointed, you are sorely mistaken.. but I get it and I hope you have a good dance with Doug.. πŸ˜‰

  4. Aww I hate that you have to miss BlogPaws and I hope it isn’t anything serious…

    Belushi’s jumping bean impersonation is awesome! I know I am going to watch that multiple times today! And then the nose boop..he’s all “I did NOT see that boop coming…the second one either…” πŸ˜€

  5. Measure twice, stuff once. Grant looks an awful lot like Skelton. They are all adorable! Have fun doing whatever it is you are doing.

  6. It seems that Shecky likes to show of his big ole parts, doesn’t he? Very prominent & proud of it.

  7. I can’t really blame Lucy for her crankiness. Imagine that you were taken off for a surgery and promised it would mean no more kittens ever, and when you came home there was a new kitten.

    I hope everything else is well, or soon will be.

  8. I’m sorry that you’re missing the blogpaws, hope that you’re at least doing some fun stuff this weekend.

    Those floofy kittens, could they be less intimidating?

  9. Love the bounce at the beginning of Belushi’s video! I was not expecting that.

    And thanks for the Brady Bunch video! I actually sat here and watched the whole thing.

  10. Awww, so glad you’re fitting in so well, little Carlin! And Bouncin’ Belushi is awesome indeed!

    And it can be so heartbreaking watching our senior kitties getting older. I hope Miz Poo will be with you for a long, long time.