5-26-15 Tuesday

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In case you aren’t on Facebook and didn’t see this yesterday, Lilly shared a picture of Sherman, the cat formerly known as Trader Joe.

Do you SEE that fabulous tail? He is just the most stunning boy, isn’t he?

Here he was back in October of last year.

Thanks for sharing, Lilly. You know we love seeing that boy’s face!


Speaking of Facebook, if you’re not following Whiskers in the Window on Facebook and the Whiskers in the Window blog, you oughta be! Dahlia had five wee kittens yesterday. This came on the heels of my prediction that she’d have her kittens Wednesday evening, and of course there’s NOTHING cats love more than to prove me wrong.


Cat! He’s a kittycat! And he dance-dance-dance and he dance-dance-dance!

Rickles is all “‘Sup.”

“Hey! Wake up! That weird lady is takin’ pictures of us again.”

Sweet little Ro.

“What doin’, weird lady?”

Carlin on the ess scratcher before he mistook it for a litter box (he hasn’t had any accidents in almost two days, yay!)

Louis on the same scratcher.

Carlin and Shecky consider a slap fight.

“I cannot haz a slap fight with you, Shecky. My arms is too short, see?”

“Why do you keep FOLLOWING ME AROUND, tail? Why?”

Belushi, Roseanne, and Rickles on the window bed. That window bed is a Sunny Seat cat bed. I was a little skeptical on how it would do, because the lower suction cups are just a little too big to actually use, so I kind of wedged them between the window and the frame. It took a few weeks for the kittens to realize it’s there, but they did notice it finally, and at least a few of them nap on it a couple of times a day, so I’m going to call it a win.

I know it looks like Gilda is about to jump onto Carlin and squoosh him flat, but in actuality she just bounced on by him to the food bowl.


Video! I’ve already watched this video like 20 times, because the bounce-off between Louis, Skelton and then Belushi just cracks me up every time. It’s a short video (16 seconds long), you’ve got time to watch it. Tell your boss you’re doing something important and not to disturb you!

YouTube link.


Archie, in and amongst the weeds (Fred would like y’all to know that he has mowed those weeds, and it looks a whole lot better out there now!)


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5-26-15 Tuesday — 24 Comments

  1. OMG Sherman is GORGEOUS! And what kills me is that he would have been MINE!!!!…along with Winn Dixie….Dandelion…and many others!!!

    About time Fred did something! LOL (just kidding)!

  2. Archie!!! (I keep pronouncing it “AWWCHEEE” like Edith Bunker because it is way too early and I work for a bank and need some stupidity in my day.)It seems like we haven’t seen his handsome face in ages.

    Carlin really is like a little brother, he seems to be following the “big” kitties around and loving them even though they probably think he’s dweeby (but secretly think he’s so cute).

  3. Great picture of Archie, and it matches the one of Stefan from the other day so I’d probably blow them up and place them side by side on a wall somewhere…or if you get another similar one of, sayyyy, Sheriff Mama, then you could make a triptych! 😀

  4. Archie has unique shaped eyes, seem to slant upward — handsome fellow. The kittehs are now jumping monkeys…love seeing them grow, and how well Carlin is fitting in.

  5. Good gravy, there was no hint of that magnificent tail when he was little!

    I am so tempted to swoop in and steal Gilda, thankfully I am not in a position to.

    Does Lucy ever groom Carlin?

  6. I love the picture of Archie and think Fred should NOT mow the weeds so you can get more pictures!
    P.S. I wish I had known about the window cat bed 2 yrs ago. Certainly cheaper than a climber that is mostly used for sleeping on. 🙂

  7. …wowza! That tail needs its own zip code! Great work, little man — you’ve turned into one handsome floofball!

    • yes! i love that too… hee short arms but I also thought Carlin’s saying, “move forward a bit so that we can touch paws”

  8. Finding the cat show notice unintentionally funny as over here in the UK naff is a word used to mean something pretty dire or as a replacement for a swear word ie Naff Off!