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I just love the swirly pattern on Gilbert’s side. Here’s his left side…

And here’s his right.

Marshall’s keeping an eye on me.

I don’t know what Marshall saw under that doll bed, but it’s freaking him OUT, man.

Grant (left) and Gilbert, tussling.

Grant, waiting for someone to come stick their paws through the holes in the basket, so he can smack at them.

Grant, having deep thoughts, while Gilbert watches. (And in the background, Marshall in his own little world.)

Grant seems a bit amused by himself.

“You can’t see me.” Grant’s eyes are mostly blue, with some darker color (brownish) coming from the middle.

::thlurrp:: Marshall’s got lots of blue in his eyes still – I don’t expect them to stay that color, but they sure are pretty.

Gilbert has just a teeny bit of blue at the edges of his eyes.


Maxi, not amused by you.

I think her eyes look really cool in that picture. Here’s a closeup:


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5-28-14 — 12 Comments

  1. Dear Marshall,

    I like cheez doodles. And cookies

    –Unnamed pretty girl fostered by Gail

    • Gail, I thought we had this settled. Her name is Brie. Or at least that is how I shall always refer to her ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Gilbert’s swirly pattern is beautiful! I can see why you initially called them “cinnamon bun tabbies”. Maxi’s little white ruff makes her seem so ladylike! It’s as if she’s got on a brooch or something.

    Speaking of the outside cats, how frequently do you have to deal with them bringing “gifts” like that live bunny from a little while back? I’ve heard outside cats can be very proficient hunters.

  3. SIGH !!!!!!!!! So loving these boys !

    Hugs to Dennis ! and can you let Maxi know I didn’t do it !!!

  4. Have MERCY. These three are just too cute. You must be having so much fun with them! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Oh dear, that pic of Grant looking dead-on is smoldering. And kind of coy with that blue pillow corner.

    Gilbert just wants to be held, doesnโ€™t he? Marshall, he is so squeezable.

  6. Many thanks for the transfixing close-ups, Robyn. I think the Doodz’ tails have grown! And hey Kelly up above, please may we have a Whiskers in the Window update?