5-30-15 Weekly Roundup – and a little extra!

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook Roundup!

Time for breakfast! At the plate on the left: #Gilda , #Carlin & #Louis . At the plate in the right, starting at the top and moving clockwise: #Rickles , #Belushi , #Skelton ,#Shecky and #Roseanne .#TheFools #kittens #KittensOfInstagram #fosterkittens #7WeeksOld #5WeeksOld

#Lucy saved a #NapTime spot just for you! #KittenlessZone #MamaOnVacation #Cats #Caturday #CatsOfInstagram #FosterCat

“Pardon us, we havin’ a very important #PermanentResident meeting, you not invited, lady. Time for you to #vamoose.” #Sugarbutt #LoonyJake #Dennis #Cats #CatsOfInstagram #brats

I love how #Carlin has his entire leg wrapped around Rickles’ ear, and that look of patient resignation on #Rickles’ face. #TheFools #kittens #KittensOfInstagram #fosterkittens #5WeeksOld #7WeeksOld

#Shecky likes to hang out on top of the scratcher. #Buff #kittens #KittensOfInstagram #fosterkittens #7WeeksOld

~~thlurrrrp~~ #Gilda #TheFools #tuxie #TinyTongue #kittens #KittensOfInstagram #fosterkittens #7WeeksOld

(From Facebook – I took the picture, Fred posted it, I shared it.)
So we gave our Golden Polish a mullet this morning, so she can see better.
(inset: after all these years I never realized chickens had eyelashes)

“Hallo innernets laydees, it is I #Carlin . You can read alllll about my fabulous self and my trip to the happenin’ #MilkBar at love-and-hisses.com/?p=12804 .” #kittens #KittensOfInstagram #fosterkittens #TheFools #7WeeksOld

I love how #Louis is all “Hellooooo good-lookin’!” And #Roseanne can’t decide whether she wants a little water or not. #TheFools #kittens #KittensOfInstagram #fosterkittens #7WeeksOld

“We was NURSING and #Mama #Lucy just got up and WALKED AWAY and I protest!” #Rickles #Louis #Gilda #Belushi #Skelton #TheFools #kittens #KittensOfInstagram #7WeeksOld #wahhhhh


And a little extra!

Poor, long-suffering Rickles. He puts up with so much from that little monkey!

5 of the 8 at the milkbar. Nursing kittens from left to right: Louis, Rickles, Gilda, Belushi, Skelton. (I don’t remember where the other three were – probably piled up together somewhere and too lazy to get up and come over to Lucy.)

Sweet Gilda. I just love her white whiskers against her dark fur.

Louis, having a perturbed moment.

Lucy takes a moment to herself.

The easiest way to vacuum the foster room is to put all the kittens in the closet (where the litter boxes are) and shut the door. Whereupon they all flop down into piles and snooze.

Belushi, judgin’.

Skelton. I love his spray of whiskers.

Roseanne needs a kiss.


Videos! In the first, Rickles is a master of coordination. All the ladies love his smooth moves!

YouTube link.

And in the second, Roseanne’s gone a little bonkers, and does a little skittering, a little running, and a little jumping. She’s a well-rounded girl.

YouTube link.


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5-30-15 Weekly Roundup – and a little extra! — 10 Comments

  1. I love how Rickles almost seemed to blame the other kitten for his falling down..

    And Roseanne seemed to say, nope, not scared of you at all… I have to go play with that thing over there now!!!

  2. I just laughed out loud at the Rickles MoC video, especially the second part. I don’t know how they live to be adults with all the tumbling and head banging they do. Bwahahahaha.

  3. AWWW, is there anything cuter than kittens?? skittering, floofing, wrestling, and snoozing. Love. Thanks soooo much for sharing! Could watch the skittering videos on an endless loop.

  4. OMG, I literally snort-spit-laughed at Rickles in that video! And the 2nd one of Roseanne made me think “holy crap, Robyn’s foster room is totally a kitten version of one of those kids’ playland/funzone places”… hilarious!

    • I thought the same: Wow, what a awesome kitten room. If I were a kitten, that is where I would want to be!!!

  5. Looks like Carlin is in love with Rickles! Is he his favorite or does he love them all indiscriminately?

  6. You can really see how much tinier and pudgier Carlin is when you look at that first picture. Also, how his older siblings still have their work cut out when it comes to teaching him how not step in his food, lol.