5-29-16 Weekly Roundup – and a little extra!

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook/Tumblr Roundup.

#BertMacklin is havin’ a think.

“How YOU doin’?” #ArtVandelay

“This #KenMoeAdams bed is super comfy!” #Susie

Good night, innernets. #BunnyPaws #ArtVandelay

#BertMacklin is having a hard time getting started this morning!

Sleepy #KenMoeAdams in the sun. Must be nap time!

“Nawt funny, lady!” Spay/neuter day for #thefakers ! #ChanandlerBong #PrincessConsuela

“Let’s not do that again, lady.” #BertMacklin and #KenMoeAdams were neutered yesterday! We’re down to our final few days with #thefakers and I’ve been kissing them as often as possible. Luckily, they don’t mind kisses!

I appreciate the offer, #Stefan, but I already ate. (It’s a black racer, according to Fred, not venomous, and NO WE DIDN’T KILL IT. Fred took it outside and set it free.) #TheMightyHunter

Chanandler Bong was rooting around in her brother’s belly fur, and Fred picked her up and put her next to Stefan to see what she’d do. Stefan woke up briefly and grabbed her.

Is a rough life, is what it is. #Susie #ArtVandelay

YouTube link.
#KenMoeAdams would like a kiss, if you don’t mind.

Moe, moeing.

Tiny #ChanandlerBong is FAR too pleased with herself.

YouTube link
“Keep rubbing da belly, human!” says #BertMacklin

This Chewy box is super popular this week! #BertMacklin

YouTube link
I think #ChanandlerBong needs herself a kiss.

#KenMoeAdams gots ears.

Good night, innernets. #Susie #KenMoeAdams

#BertMacklin is resting up before he and #ArtVandelay go home later this morning. #ThePrincessAndThePea

YouTube link
#PrincessConsuela, playing #SlappyPaws with #UncleStefan. Of course, now that they’re leaving, they start playing with him! #BertMacklin

#ChanandlerBong always has something to say!

Snuggling #BertMacklin and #PrincessConsuela

Bert & Art have gone home, and so have Princess Consuela & Susie. Ken and Chanandler are busy disapproving of the fact that their family hasn’t shown up yet! (Thanks to Kathie for letting me steal this pic!)

With #thefakers leaving us, you’ll be relieved to hear that we have babies!

Don’t get toooo attached, they’re only with us for 2 weeks. We’re babysitting while their mom @mzungubrittain is in Africa doing good work. The little calico is #Bubble, the gray girl in the back is #Squeek, and that little gray and white morsel on the right is #Barnaby, aka #BarnabyMouse. They’re unrelated, all about 4 weeks old, and ADORABLE. #KittenSitting


And a little extra!

This Chewy box went home with Bert and Art, but Princess Consuela got a little relaxing time in it before we headed off to Petsmart.

Bert, stressing as per usual.

Ken and Susie snoozing, with Princess Consuela sneaking up to join in.

It’s a Moe pie.

Susie in the green basket! She doesn’t fit quite as comfortably as she used to, but she fits.

Art pie.


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5-29-16 Weekly Roundup – and a little extra! — 6 Comments

  1. I’m soooo glad for all your wonderful pics and videos. I love being able to look back and see some of the previous litters. They may be gone from Crooked Acres, but they will never be forgotten.

  2. Hey Robyn, you go to great lengths to warn people of spider pictures coming up, but how about a warning for a SNAKE?!! Made me jump out of my skin!

  3. Ooh, what a pretty snake. I’m so glad it’s outside doing it’s snake thing there. Eat ALL the mice, snake friend! (Cynde, I do get it, spiders freak me out unreasonably and I appreciate those warnings. Though they have their place. Far away from me.)

    Your temporary kittens are too cute for words.

  4. I second that! Snake pictures need warnings! 🙁

    BUT. Those little babies you’re kitty-sitting do make up for it. I will get attached, even if it’s only 2 weeks because look at those faces.