5-30-16 Monday

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If you missed yesterday’s post – the weekly roundup – you might have missed the picture of Stefan carrying the snake through the kitchen. The day after that happened, I got to wondering whether the Dropcam in the kitchen had captured the event. It did, so I present it here for you. The best parts are (1) Stefan walking through the kitchen carrying the snake with that wide, splay-legged walk, and (2) my scream at the end, the long silent moment where I was staring in disbelief, then yelling “FRED ANDERSON!” so Fred would come rescue me. I’ve probably watched it about 30 times, and I snicker every time.

YouTube link


The Fakers kittens are now gone, and this house is QUIET.

Bert Macklin (now Periwinkle) and Art Vandelay (now Patches) were adopted together. Kristin reported that they are doing great – it sounds like those boys made themselves at home immediately!

Susie and Princess Consuela were also adopted together, and will be renamed Emma Rose and Emily Rose (the Rose sisters) – no word yet on which girl gets which name. I haven’t heard yet how they’re doing, but Carole promised she’d let me know.

Ken Adams and Chanandler Bong are at Petsmart. I had hoped they’d be adopted on Saturday, but after an initial burst of busyness, Petsmart got quiet as everyone headed to the beach or off on vacation, I guess. They’re doing fine, though they seem pretty intent on nursing on each others’ abdomens A LOT, which understandably freaks out passersby. I mean, those kittens are not being the slightest bit subtle about it. There’s not really any way to stop it, aside from dipping them in Bitter Apple, and separating them would only make them nurse on their own abdomens.

I’m just hoping they grow out of it sooner rather than later. Not only is it freaky to see (for people who haven’t seen it before), but then they walk around with big patches of wet fur, and that’s kinda gross.

I know y’all want to know if Regina has seen them, and if there was a long, slow-motion music-filled moment where they ran into each others’ arms.


What happened, as reported by Teresa, is that Regina was DYING to get out with her kittens, she was looking sad and pressing her face against the bars of the cage. So Teresa let them out together – and Regina cornered Chanandler, and hissed and growled at both kittens. She got put back in her cage, and was much more relaxed, so I guess she just needed to smack the kids around a little.

I will, of course, report when they’re adopted!


These are the last of the Fakers pictures. I intend to put up a collage of each of the kittens and Regina, though whether that’ll happen this week or next, I don’t know yet. We’ll see!

Bert Macklin and Princess Consuela on the scratcher. So, so, so tired of my shenanigans.

Chanandler Bong in a box.

Sweet Ken Adams.

“What doon, lady?” asks Art Vandelay.

Chanandler, looking for a tussle.

She was a fan of that box, have I mentioned?

Princess Consuela in the box.

Ken Adams and Chanandler Bong, who is getting her ::thlurrrp:: on.

Susie on a shelf.

Susie got hold of the feather teaser and was NOT planning on letting go.

“What up, lady?”

Last shot of the whole litter.


In case you missed it on Facebook on Saturday or in yesterday’s post, we now have a trio of kittens. We’re babysitting them for Brittany – with Forgotten Felines – who is in Uganda for two weeks.

They are all right around 4 weeks old, and they’re unrelated to each other.

This is Bubble. Brittany got Bubble when she was 3 days old. She was found under a trailer, and was initially named Doublewide (which Fred thinks is a HILARIOUS name, not least because Bubble has a bit of a gut on her). Brittany bottle fed her, and Bubble was so desperate for friends that Brittany brought home…

Barnaby, aka Barnaby Mouse. He was (I think) turned into Huntsville Animal Services by someone who found him. Unfortunately, Barnaby was much smaller than Bubble and didn’t appreciate her rambunctious nature, so then…

Along came Squeek! She was part of a litter that came to Forgotten Felines with their mother. Squeek was the runt of the litter and wasn’t really getting enough nutrition from her mother, so Brittany made her Bubble’s friend, and the girls get along great – play, cuddle, fight. Like real sisters!

Barnaby would rather be with a person than with the girls, but he’ll occasionally lower himself to play with those girls.

They’re currently spending their nights in the bathtub in my bathroom, and their days in the playpen in my bedroom, with occasional play periods of running around my room (when I’m not carrying them around snuggling them, that is). They’re eating well on their own, use the litter box like champs, and enjoy snuggles and belly rubs. We are going to have fun with them ’til Brittany gets back!

“Nope, lady, wasn’t chewing on that cord, ’cause I would NEVER.”

Barnaby (front) and Squeek, hanging out on a pack of baby wipes, as you do.

He (Barnaby) is just so CUTE.


“Seriously, lady? You brought more kittens into this house? Was this NECESSARY?”


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5-30-16 Monday — 15 Comments

  1. LOVE the scream and the “Fred Anderson” call. Thanks for that on a gloomy Monday.

  2. For some reason, I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of watching that video of Stefan bringing in his prize, lol.

    Barnaby, Bubble and Squeek are just too precious. Every picture of Squeek makes me think of Li’l Bub (maybe it’s the big eyes and super sweetness oozing from the photos). They are all so tiny but look like they are fearless, motoring around like little tumbleweeds in your bathroom. <3

    Please take TONS of pictures of them before they have to leave! They already have a fan club!

  3. You made my day! That video is awesome! Stefan had to make sure you realized he had brought breakfast by meowing! I would’ve screamed just as much!

    The three kittens you’re babysitting are too cute for words! I wanted you to snatch them out of Brittany’s hands but Brittany promised I could follow their progress on her facebook account. 😀

  4. That video is amazing. I had no idea a cat would actually pick up a snake, much less bring it inside the house! And the scream — that would have been me too! 🙂

  5. I concur, the video is beyond awesome. *I* would scream, then faint, then scream some more. Then probably faint again 🙂

  6. I posted this comment on facebook, I stand by it:
    Ok, THAT was not a ‘snake’ scream. That was an “I didnt see you there’ scream. A ‘snake’ scream should last at least 30 seconds, or in my case, an hour for starters. That yelp doesnt qualify, sorry. However, she made up for it with the full name yell. 😉

    • I am less of a “scream a lot when I’m scared” and more of a “stand in stunned silence gasping for air when I’m scared” gal. 🙂

  7. There was also the Stephan meow of “hey mom look what I brought you.”

  8. That was so sweet of Stefan!! Love that little meow. He was so proud I bet. Really, I hope that you thanked him for his thoughtfullness.

    What the heck, there’s so,e sort of kitten network going on here. Three kittens from three different shelters fostering together? Will they end up going to their shelters after a month or so? Will they have to go three different clinics for say/neuter?

    • No, they all came from different places, but they’re all under the care of Forgotten Felines now – well, I mean they’re under my care at the moment, but they belong to FF and will be going back to them when Brittany gets back, I’m just kittensitting for her. 🙂

      (And I eventually thanked Stefan and told him he shouldn’t have – REALLY shouldn’t have. A card would be a better choice next time!)