5-31-19 Friday

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I just popped over to see what the cool stuff to buy was and while yes, anything Inspector Stompers is awesome – is that him on the mousepad, too? I was wondering why there are no L&H coasters there? They’d be great!

That is him on the mousepad too – and I have to admit, the last time I did anything at that CafePress page was probably just after Stompers left, so… 7 years ago, or thereabouts. I’ll have to look and see what I can put together, though I have no idea how I’d choose which pictures to use on the different items!


Regarding our discussion last week about trees and which trees are the best, there are a lot of links in the comments to that post to different types of cat trees, if you’re looking for ideas.

Regarding our cat tree (which I mentioned wasn’t very well thought out because there was no easy path down from the very top of the tree to the floor), last weekend Fred and I moved the recliners so that one of them is in front of the cat tree, just to see if it would work. As it turned out, we both like the way the living room looks with the recliners in that position, AND Alice has been hanging out on top of the tree. So, success!


So the time we’ve been simultaneously looking forward to and dreading has come close. We’re saying goodbye to Willie and Albert tomorrow. I haven’t heard from Michelle yet when Laura and Mary are going home, but I suspect it won’t be long. I’m spending as much time with those sweethearts as I can, just enjoying them. It’s been a great deal of fun having them here with us, but I know they’re all going on to wonderful homes.

I will, of course, have pictures of them for Monday, and Charles and Caroline and Almanzo will be with us for a bit longer, so it’s not totally goodbye just yet.


Mary’s favorite thing to do: roll around and knead the air. She is just such a sweet girl.

Albert has decided my pillow should be a kitten bed, and he can’t imagine why I’d ever have an issue with that. (Of course I don’t. There are other pillows!)

Almanzo in the pillow cave.

Mary atop the cat tree.

“Hi, innernets! Hi hi!” She is such a goofball.

Did I perhaps mention that Mary likes to roll around, purring, and kneading the air?

Willie wonders where Mary’s belly furs went.

That top platform is where Caroline usually sleeps, and Laura has learned that if she hangs out on the platform underneath, she’ll be first in line at the milk bar. She’s no dummy!

(Actually, I’ve noticed that since the kittens got back from their spay/neuter surgeries, Caroline isn’t letting them nurse. She cuddles with them, she grooms them, but if they try to get some of the good stuff, she gets up and walks away. I guess she figures it’s time!)

“Always somebody’s butt in my face.” Poor Almanzo.

Four of the five (Laura was on the little cat tree to the side of the bed.) On the left: Mary. Then Willie, Almanzo and Albert (from the top down.)

If you could just find a way to be comfortable, Willie.


Oh, how Jake loves that wall. Aside from the pot of catnip, it’s his favorite place to hang out.


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  1. I think one picture I would love to see on merchandise is Charles and Caroline. The adorable one of them as a couple. That is one of my all time favorite car pics ever!

  2. Oh, I can’t believe it’s already time for the 2 boys to head home!! I’m going to miss their sweet faces.

    I love me some Jake.

  3. You can start anywhere and be compiling 4,6 or 8 set coaster packs for years!
    Would you ever run out i wonder…