5-12-21 Wednesday

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Rummy’s all “What doin’, weird lady?”

It’s a 4-kitten pie, featuring Pinochle, Whist, Rummy and Uno.

Fizzbin gets a snuggle.

Uno and Fizzbin, with attitude.

Slapjack, the little prince.

Canasta, Fizzbin and Pinochle take over the crown.

Slapjack absconded to the cat tree.

And a little later Canasta moved to the puffy bed and was joined by Whist.

Fizzbin couldn’t possibly be more pleased with herself.

It’s gotten to the point now where if I stand at the built-in desk doing anything at all, the kittens think food is coming, and they gather around and howl at me. (In this case, I was standing there folding laundry.)


Alice Mo has herself the PRETTIEST eyes, doesn’t she? Gorgeous!

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