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On Sunday, I Have Cat had a great lineup of mama kitties, including that sweet Khaleesi.


Today’s post is all Thomas pics, because that sweet boy is off to Petsmart tomorrow. He had his last vaccination and has been loved and snuggled to top off his love tank, so off he goes!

“HALLO, laydeez!”

He has the most awesome whiskers, doesn’t he?

Sweet boy.

Keeping an eye on that ceiling fan.

Nappin’ time.

He carried that mylar ball around for the longest time. I guess I’d better send a couple of them in his bag of toys.

Yep. Still there!

Check out that paw!

Showing Dennis the proper technique for playing with the Pounce. He certainly does love that thing.

Got it!


Dennis takes notes.

Just SUCH a pretty boy.

In case you wondered what Thomas sounds like, here’s a short video. He likes to sit near the bottom of the stairs and call for us every now and then, so we’ll attend to his need for pettin’.

YouTube link.


Pretty Stinkerbelle, atop the bookcase in the front room, keeping a disapproving eye on me.


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5-12-14 — 8 Comments

  1. At one point after you meowed at Thomas, he looked at you like “Lady, I don’t think I appreciate your tone”!

    Safe travels sweet boy! I know someone will fall in love with you and your awesome paws soon!

  2. God, Thomas looks sooooo much like my cat, although mine is female and a lot older. If I wouldn’t live half a world away I would adopt Thomas right now!

  3. Awwww Thomas!! Good luck and hope you get a great family asap! Take care

  4. Love his white “mittens”. Polydactyls are incredible; it’s like Mother Nature is trying to give cats thumbs. May he quickly find a wonderful furever home.

  5. Who could possibly resist that sweet face and those amazing paws !!! I heard it is good luck to have a poly toed cat in your house !!!

    I wish I could take Thomas and Dennis home with me !!!!!!! Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to have them adopted together. Maybe Dennis would have an easier time if someone familiar was with him !!

    I love Stinkerbelle’s disapproving face !!! I want to kiss it, if she would let me……..but somehow I don’t think so !!

  6. Godspeed, young Thomas — my ideal pussycat (along with every single other Crooked Acres cutie). May you find the ideal family soonest and, if at all poss, take Dennis and/or Tricki with you!

  7. Holly had to come check out the meowing when I played the video, but I’m not sure if she was curious about Thomas’ meow or yours, Robyn. 😉