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A last shot of Rufus.

Rufus was fine on the drive to Petsmart the other day. I had a bit of a struggle getting him into the carrier (he fought me and got away, but all I had to do to recapture him was call to him, and he flopped right over on his side to be petted. Didn’t I feel evil, snatching him up to put him in the carrier!) He settled right down in the carrier and didn’t make a peep on the ride to Petsmart.

He was a little scared when I let him out of the carrier into the kitten room, and ran off to hide while I got his cage ready. I put some of his favorite toys in the cage, and then snuggled with him for a long while before I put him in the cage and left.

He, of course, because he wanted to break my heart, went right into the litter box to hide. They always do that at first – in fact, I don’t think Reacher ever came out of the litter box during his stay at Petsmart. Usually, though, it only takes a day or so before they adjust to their surroundings.

Adoption hours weren’t held Tuesday night because the power at Petsmart went out. I’m hoping that by the time adoption hours take place on Friday, he’ll be more relaxed.

You know I’ll let y’all know as soon as he’s adopted!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Cillian swipes! He misses! (And that’s an odd angle, so it looks like he has long ape arms.)

Practicing the song and dance for the big show!

“Hi! What? Nothin’.”

They sure do like this little cat tree. It makes me want to get a big one for them.

Maggie gets a moment to herself so she can relax. But only a moment…


“Make room, Mama!”


“Mama, your armpit smells good. You’re so pretty! I love you.”

A loud car went by on the road outside, sending all the kittens running to the safety of the closet. Finnegan and Ciara were in charge of checking stuff out to make sure it was safe for everyone else to come out.

“Is it time to eat yet?”

“Mama is HUNGRY.”

Pretty Macushla.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

No, Alice, it’s okay. Go right ahead and hang over the side like you’re going to jump to the floor from there. You won’t give me a heart attack or anything.


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5-12-11 — 12 Comments

  1. The “big show” photo is a MASTERPIECE!!

    Farewell and good luck to Rufus. I sure hope he settles down quickly and finds his home.

  2. Good luck Rufus! Did he ever take a “non-cute” picture? Whoever adopts him will be very lucky; I think he’s a special kitty. And I trust your judgment Miz Robyn; I know I couldn’t do what you do. I would keep every kitty. BUT you have encouraged me. I am going to foster two cats this summer!

  3. Godspeed, Rufus — and thanks to Robyn and Fred for saving this lovely boy and so many others — and sharing them with us.

  4. Awwww sweet adorable Rufus!! I swear if he were here or me there, I’d have snapped him and Dorothy up!! Awww I really have everything crossed for gorgeous Rufus!!!

    Yay for the wonderfully funny and tiny and playful McMaos!! Mama Maggie is such a STAR!!! And isn’t she just so pretty??

    Alice!!! Please be careful!! Good grief!!!

    Hugs! x

  5. I love the look on Maggie’s face in the picture where the kitten first approaches her on the scratcher.

  6. Right, ok. As soon as these babies are ready to go, put a cardboard box on the floor and I’ll take whichever one gets in first. Or two. They are all so adorable.

  7. Oh, those little twinkies are getting so BIG! How are you not constantly booping their noses and hugging the stuffing out of them!!! And look! It’s an audition for “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert”!

    Rufus, you would so be mine if I didn’t leave 2000km away. And in another country. *sigh*

  8. Bye-bye, sweet Rufus! I love your beautiful, fluffy self, and I’m going to be happy when Robyn says you’re home!


    So when the wee McMaos curl up in your lap, do you stay there, or do you eventually have to move? Because I always feel so guilty I end up sitting still until something goes numb.

  9. Eek, Alice! You’re not Supergirl! (Though you are super cute!)

    The babies are getting so big – love the pink “wig”! And Rufus is breaking my heart. Keeping fingers crossed; that wonderful boy deserves the best of homes!