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Tom asked yesterday if we’d considered building a structure in our yard so we could handle more cats. We did, last summer, decide that we were going to convert the (now unused) blue coop into a “kitten coop” so we could have more fosters, but that hasn’t happened yet, and I don’t think it’s going to. I really prefer to have the cats and kittens in the house with us, and after our tornado scare from a couple of weeks ago, I worry that if we had some kittens upstairs in the foster room and some out in the coop and maybe one or two in the guest bedroom, there’s no way on earth that I’d be able to get all of them in the closet under the stairs (or in the storm shelter, once we have it put in) and our own cats as well. That might change – the only consistency around here is me declaring one thing one day and then suddenly declaring the opposite the next – and of course if it does, y’all will be the first to know!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dorothy would like to say “hi” to her adoring public.

Note that it’s not until I compliment her dramatic eye makeup that she starts kneading and purring. Clearly her affections can be bought with flattery!

Sweet miss Dorothy.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sleepy, sleepy McMaos.



“Hey, guys, c’mere! This foot taste funny to you?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“I can sit in your lap please?”



::slurrrp:: (The little smile KILLS ME DEAD.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Close your eeeeeeyes and goodniiiiiiight…”

“Go to sleeeeeep little brudderrrrrrr…”


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~



“That’s right, I ate all the Tender Turkey Feast. You’ve gotta learn to move faster next time. I ate it all and I’m NOT SORRY!”

“So there.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Rufus enjoyed a little outside time before he went off to Petsmart yesterday.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Loony Jake in the sun.


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5-11-11 — 24 Comments

  1. Wishing Rufus a speedy adoption …. and one to an amazing home that will just cherish him. Wuv Rufus…I will miss him…..

  2. Noo! I miss Rufus already! i just hate to think of him in those glass cages instead of happily roaming on your farm :-(. I hope the Alabama Pet Smarts are better than the DC Metro ones.

    • He’ll be in a cage all day, but he’s got his favorite toys from here, and Challenger’s House volunteers go to Petsmart twice a day and clean out the cages and give the cats love, so I think he’ll be okay. I hope he’ll be snapped up fast, because he is one sweet boy.

  3. I dreamt about the McMaos last night… At one point I had Declan and another baby, and was walking them on leashes. Clearly, I am obsessed with the babies.

  4. Robyn, how did Rufus’s trip go? Did he seem to settle in OK? If only Challenger’s House would print out your adorable post re his infiltrating Dorothy’s lair… Speaking of Dorothy, who doesn’t love an air kneader? And the McMaos really are getting cuter by tge second. Best wishes to all at Crooked Acres.

    • He went into the litter box to hide – they love to do that and break my heart – but I expect he’ll settle in after a few days. He gets attention twice a day, and he’s got his favorite toys from here, so I think he’ll be okay.

  5. I am in love with Dorothy! Such a cutie pie.

    Speedy adoption to sweet Rufus!

  6. Love watching your videos, Robyn, because those are the EXACT SAME THINGS I’D BE SAYING TO THE KITTENS IN THE EXACT SAME VOICE!!! You leave nothing unsaid! I love Dorothy’s little trills and her dear purr.

  7. When our kittens bite like that, we “rap their little noisies,” very gently, sometimes with a snap of the fingers to make noise. But then we were mostly working with forest cat kittens who must be taught from day both soft paw and “lick is good, bite is not,” because they get as large as Main Coons, only their claws are even sharper (they climb cliff faces in the wild).

    I love Dorthy! I know she is going to get the most perfect home when she’s a bit bigger – Melodi

  8. Please let us know how it went with Rufus. It almost never bothers me when the kittens go off to be adoptesd because everyone loves the kittens and you give them such a great start in life. But with those like Rufus who start their life on the streets and have to endure who knows what before you rescue them it’s diffrent. I wish he could have stayed with you where he seemed so happy and felt so safe. Hope someone grabs him fast.

  9. OH WHY must you torture me – I am in love with ALL of them – Dorothy, the McMaos – ALL of them. And of course Rufus and Jake too – but man the kittens just kill me with the cuteness!

    And I understand why you would not want to do a separate structure. Our friend Chrystal has her cathouse for her fosters (just finished the add on that doubled the size thank goodness since she just took in 7 new fosters) which is great and I am sure she has a plan just in case of weather issues but I know I would need to have like an underground tunnel and like gently dropping floor (I was thinking trap door but it would have to be the whole floor to get everyone I think) or something that I could push a button to be sure everyone was safe (I am crazy and a techie so yeah – bad combo in that sense)- so I can see both sides of it. Wanting to have the space but wanting to be sure everyone is always secure has to be tough to balance.

    • Amy, I think that if you create a structure with a floor like that, I would TOTALLY buy it! πŸ˜€

  10. Awwww Dorothy!! Awww I really really wish I could have her and beautiful Rufus!! Awww!! I so wish Rufus lots and lots of luck with getting adopted! I hope he finds a forever home asap!!!

    Dorothy has the most amazinig purr and sound!! Awww she’s beautiful!!

    Yay for the amazing McMaos!! Awww they are so gorgeous!! Lovely to see them so happy and sleepy! πŸ™‚

    LOL!!! Jake is looking sexy to me!! Take care

  11. Rufus, I miss you so much….wishing you a fast adoption with a wonderful family!

    I think Miss Dorothy has some elaborate lipstick, too. What a sweetheart! My mind boggles at what her storm backstory could be…

    And those babies! Their personalities come out more every day!

    May I use Looney Jake’s picture on my computer??? His expression reminds me that I can still keep a smile on my face while being totally a loon at work!

    • You certainly may use Loony Jake’s picture; he’d be touched that you want to gaze upon him multiple times a day! πŸ™‚

  12. Much, much luck to sweet Rufus for a speedy adoption into a wonderful home. Im going to miss him. Keep us posted?

    *pets the kittens and Maggie* Hi cute keeteens! And oh my goodness, Dorothy’s adorable chirpy trill and her soft little purr… I’m melting, melting! What a world, what a world. *cough* Ahem, sorry, Oz references again. I couldn’t resist, considering who I was talking about. XD

    Hullo, Blues Brothers kitties. *scritchies Jake, then scritchies Elwood because why not?*

  13. I am so in love with Dorothy. Too bad Alabama is so far away. πŸ™

    Fingers crossed for sweet Rufus!

  14. Good luck Rufus! May you get your furever home sooper dooper fast!
    Those kittens are cute enough to eat! so scoop up-able and kissable and squishable – aaww…!!!
    Are they eating solid food on their own now? I ask because my Sam was dropped off at my door when he was just 5 weeks old and he was eating well. Or maybe he had no choice, hm…
    Dorothy looks like a little lynx! her colours are gorgeous and that teeny-tiny “mew” goes straight to my heart. she sure can play to the camera.
    Oh, and Jake, you are a gentleman, sir.
    PS: Fred’s book on smashwords yet?

  15. I just noticed Dorothy’s exquisite grey moustache in the video… sweet!

    As sweet as Maggie’s kittens. She is such a good mom and they are growing like weeds. Yay!

    Hello Jake and Farewell Rufus. I hope he adjusts quickly to life at Petsmart and gets adopted asap!

    Like Amy, I’ve been thinking about your kitten coop and storm cellar dreams… why not combine them? You could have the kitten coop built over the storm cellar with kitten dumbwaiters which lower the cats and kits to safety. So, when the siren screams, you’d scoop up your indoor kittens in a carrier or crate, go to the coop and put them in a dumbwaiter. You then gather up all the loose kittens and cats in the coop and put them into another dumbwaiter (or two or three). You and Fred get yourselves downstairs via a spiral staircase with some sort of hatch which you close behind you. Once you get down to safety, you lower all the dumbwaiters so all the kittehs are safe. You could then let all the kitties out of their dumbwaiters, or just leave them in there and coo at ’em to keep them happy until the all clear sounds.

    See? Easy as pie!

  16. Your captions are always entertaining, but this batch is especially funny! (I especially like the sniffing & slurping sequence.)