5-12-10 – Jake and the Bookworms.

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The many faces of Loony Jake. And then two movies featuring Jake. It’s a Jakeapalooza!

His crazy little face KILLS ME DEAD.

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Movies for you, today!

First, the fightin’.

YouTube link

And then the lovin’.

YouTube link

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ACK! The dishwasher kittens are back. We just sprayed for them two weeks ago! I’ve never seen an infestation this bad. I guess it’s a bad year for dishwasher kittens.


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5-12-10 – Jake and the Bookworms. — 7 Comments

  1. Jake’s funny face always makes me think of that famous still of Jack Nicholson from Amityville Horror.

  2. Toooo good! Jake is a terrific uncle, that’s for sure! And the kittens… first I bite you, then I lick you, then I bite you, then I lick you… too funny!

  3. Dishwasher kittens made me laugh! 🙂 We had “dishwasher cat” just the other day. It was the first time I’d ever seen it happen here. Henry decided to give it a try (at eight years old, mind you!)

  4. Ha-ha-ha, that Jake! particularly when he’s giving Rhyme some lovin’ (‘cos he’s a dirty, dirty, kitten) what a look on his face! It’s like he catches himself washing the lad and wonders how it keeps happening. And some wrestling match, particularly when one of the tag team decides it’s time to wash his partner. Very cute dishwasher kittens – can’t say I’ve ever had an infestation but that may be ‘cos i don’t have a dishwasher? Maybe an open oven door would draw them out, too…

  5. We get dishwasher kitten infestations all the time – and you wouldn’t believe what it is like to have dishwasher cats – once you have them you are never getting rid of them!

    And those are such cute pictures of Jake but that last one is super funny! And the videos are just awesome.