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Bath time for Livia.

“What you WANT, lady? Trying to take a bath, here!”

She loves that string* more than any other toy.

*I’m calling it a string, it’s actually a cord, like from a pair of sweatpants or a sweatshirt.

“Is nap time, lady?”

(Every afternoon, for about an hour, I go upstairs, lay on Fred’s bed, and read while surrounded by a varying number of napping cats. Lately it’s usually Dennis and Tricki, sometimes Livia. Thomas comes up for some petting, and then settles down at the end of the bed.)

“No, seriously. I can nap now?”

He is such a sweet little snuggler.

Tricki likes to flop down over my leg and make my foot fall asleep.

I’m off in a little while to take Thomas to Petsmart. I’ll have a few more pictures of him later this week, I’m sure.


A few weeks ago, the piece of metal that was wrapped around the tree in the back yard (to stop the cats from climbing up the tree) fell off. Fred’s been meaning to put another piece up there, but hasn’t gotten around to it yet (our family motto should be “I’ll get around to it. Some day. Or not.”), but it hasn’t been an issue. No one’s been climbing up the tree.

Until one day last week…

See her?

How about now? That’s Sheriff Mama, sitting on the lowest branch. I guess she gets a better view of her territory from up there!

I went out and talked to her, but she just sat up there and squeaked at me. I went up to Fred’s office to point her out to him.

I thought we were going to have to get out the ladder and I’d have to climb up there to get her, but as I pointed her out to Fred, she started shimmying down the tree.

And she shimmied all the way down, arriving on the ground safe and sound.

“I’m no dummy, lady! I know how to get down out of a tree! I’m Sheriff Mama!”

(Still haven’t put another piece of metal up yet. We’ll get around to it, hopefully soon!)


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5-13-14 — 22 Comments

  1. Sheriff Mama is just so cute! I demand that a new piece of metal goes up by this weekend! Keep those babies safe!!!! 🙂

    There is nothing better than napping with a pile o’ putt’ns.

  2. Are you trying to kill us?! That picture of googly-eyed Tricki was nearly fatal!! Luckily I recovered just in time to see just how capable a sheriff Kara really is! She ain’t no fool!

  3. Kara clearly isn’t scared of heights: yikes! Tricki’s eyes are mesmerizing and Dennis is such a poppet. And Robyn, you must tell us what you’re reading during nap time. (The book business needs you…)

    • I think when I took those pictures, I was reading Ladies’ Night by Mary Kay Andrews. Currently I’m reading Crazy Ladies by… Michael Lee West, I think? I’m going through a light fiction phase. 🙂 I keep track of the books I’m reading on GoodReads.

      • Thanks, Robyn! And this is the ideal season for light fiction (just like the other three).

  4. Nap time with kitties is one of the best past times EVER !!!!

    Sheriff Mama looked quite comfortable up there ! Have you noticed any other cats trying to climb the tree ?

    Yes I agree with Kerry ! What are you reading ? Are you still old school and have actual books or have you gone to an ereader ?

    • Once, when Kara came down out of the tree, Jake was standing there, and he just stared at her like she’d done something magical. Otherwise, no one even seems to know that the metal isn’t there. But that Sheriff Mama sure does like to test her boundaries at all times!

      Right now I’m reading Crazy Ladies by Michael Lee West. I have actual books AND a Kindle app on my iPad, but during nappin’ time I’ve decided that no technology is allowed, so I’m mostly sticking to real books lately.

  5. I love how in that first picture of Sheriff Mama in the tree outside, you can also see George and Gracie on top of dirt mountain in the background. Apparently it was a day for climbing!

    Speaking of which, have you ever had to “rescue” a cat from the trees before?

    • I had to climb a very tall ladder to rescue Tommy from the very tree Kara’s been climbing up – which was the reason we attached the piece of metal to the tree to stop them from doing it. Luckily, Tommy hasn’t even thought about climbing the tree (and I guess we’d better replace that piece of metal before he realizes he can!)

  6. Awww..I hope Thomas is adopted fast by the perfect family. What a cutie!

    And Sheriff Mama knows about climbing trees. That last picture of her laughing is priceless!

    For those who may need a babykitten fix – Tiny Kittens on Livestream has a mama about to give birth on LiveStream (she started ‘showing the signs’ 18 hours ago – several of us barely got sleep last night!) http://new.livestream.com/tinykittens/dancing Caly is a sweet calico – but determined to give birth ‘her way’!

      • And as I write this at 630pm, she still hasn’t birthed any babies yet. She reminds me of some of your foster mamas, Robyn, making sure the babies are well baked before letting go. 🙂

  7. such beautiful kitties! And that Sheriff is mighty clever, knowing that she needed to back down the tree as she did – it doesn’t work to go the other way!

  8. Seriously, how do you lay on a bed, with a blanket, and cats, and not only cats, but cats that are sleeping.. and not take a nap?? because I am falling asleep just thinking about it..

    We too have that ‘eventually’ motto.. quite often my husband says to me, “can I do it later” and when it matters my response is yes, but you won’t, so do it now..

    • I do occasionally take a nap, but more often I get so caught up in what I’m reading that by the time I get sleepy enough to put the book down and snooze myself, it’s time to get up and do stuff. 🙂

  9. i LOVE dennis. if i weren’t in canada i would literally scoop him up right this instance. he’d get along so well with my sassy girl fern and dumdum boy thistle. fern is the queen and i don’t think thistle would get too threatened by dennis since he appears to be good with other cats. gahhh i can’t stop thinking about him! 🙁