5-21-21 Friday

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What kind of probiotics do you give the kittens?

I’ve been using the FERA Probiotics for Dogs and Cats because I like that it contains prebiotics as well as probiotics. I mix it into goat milk and then feed it to them via oral syringe and they LOVE it. (I’m sure it’s more the goat milk that they love than the probiotic, but this way I know they all get some.)


Slapjack in the sun, feelin’ slappy.

And Uno keeping an eye on me.

Rummy has such a serious little face.

“What you doin’, weird lady?!” Whist demands.

Fizzbin the little poser.

Pinochle (left) and Whist are melting in the sun.

Pinochle the lap kitten.

A tabby tussle in my lap.

Pinochle says “SMILE!”

Can you even believe that these monkeys are TWELVE weeks old today? The time has truly flown.


Alice Mo the calico sure does love that floofy bed, yo.

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