5-21-18 Monday

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Brian Boitano is such a little poser sometimes.

Upside-down Ohno.

I feel like Tessa is judging me.

A pie plate so full of kittens there was no room for Torvill (who looks none the worse for wear.)

“They can HAVE their pie plate, I’ll just flop down in the middle of the floor. HA HA on them!”

Torvill’s got the crazy eyes.

I guess that toy’s going to have to go into Scott’s bag o’ toys when it’s his time to go. He adores that thing.

Debi gets her ::thlurrrp:: on.

Katia hanging out with the kittens (and keeping an eye on me.)

Ohno’s turning into a lap kitten.

Debi hanging out under the ham-mick. I put that ham-mick out over the weekend expecting that they’d immediately start piling up in it together, but nope. No one’s been seen sleeping in it – they mostly like to hang out underneath it and slap at other kittens as they race by.

Tessa’s got her paws neatly folded because she’s a little LAYDEE.


It’s Archie, hanging out atop a sheep ottoman admiring his dirty footprints on the wall. In other words: the usual.


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5-21-18 Monday — 12 Comments

  1. Man I love Archie. He could sit there and admire the dirty paw prints he’d left on my face and I’d still think his poop didn’t stink. And he is kitty-loafing in that pic to boot…

  2. If you wish you could curl up in that pie plate with the pile of kittens, raise your hand.

  3. If Katia and Kristi don’t get adopted out of your foster room, will they have to go to cages at Petsmart? That doesn’t seem like something they’d like… I hope they find a good home together without going to Petsmart!

    • Speaking as a volunteer from Petsmart, oh HECK no!! But I also know that is not feasible especially for Katia, and not part of the plan.

    • There is no way on earth that Katia could go to Petsmart and I think that Kristi (who doesn’t like being contained, so lifting her to put her into a cage, for example, would be iffy) wouldn’t do very well. I don’t know what the eventual plan is (and I haven’t asked because I’m a little worried about what the answer will be), but to be honest I’d rather see them both returned to their colony than split up. I keep hoping someone will see them and want to adopt them, but I know that that’s a tall order, especially in kitten season.

  4. AWWW! Keeping fingers crossed for the two mamas to be adopted together.
    Archie doesn’t look sheepish at all…
    love that ottoman, it’s posh!