5-21-19 Tuesday

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Our shipping team kicked butt yesterday, and today the USPS will be picking up 51 packages and envelopes to start them on the way to their homes. (The fact that you can schedule USPS to come to your home and pick up your packages at no cost to you is something I learned from the lady at the post office when Fred and I carried in a zillion packages after the auction last fall, and she looked at us like she was thinking of bellowing “DRACARYS” and turning us (and our packages) into cinders.)

All of today’s pictures were taken yesterday during our packing extravaganza, and so all the kittens aren’t in today’s post NOT because they weren’t all up in our business, but because I was distracted and didn’t take as many pictures as I should have. The kittens were initially weirded out by strangers in the house, but that didn’t last long at ALL, and after they ran and raced and jumped and played, they sacked out in various locations. Albert charmed Leslie by purring, then farting at her and then purring some more and ultimately falling asleep next to her. That boy knows how to flirt, is what I’m saying.


Toy inspectors making sure the ‘nip is strong.

And laying in the bag and fighting, of course.

“NO. We don’t NEED another inspector!”

Charles was right in the middle of it all.

Laura, working hard.

Mary found the perfect fit.

Did I mention Charles was in the middle of everything?

“OMG YOU GUYS THIS BOX IS AWESOME!” Laura was a little excited.

Laura playing with one of Caroline’s favorite toys (and that candy cane toy is Caroline’s OTHER favorite toy!)

“That’s a lotta boxes.”

And then Laura and Mary curled up for a long afternoon nap.


I wondered how Charles would do with strangers in the house – given that it took him a couple of days to let my parents pet him when they visited last month – but he was right in and among us, let everyone pet him, and I think Kay picked him up at one point. He did great, and I was glad to see it! Though I got no pictures of Caroline, she was in and out of the room, too. Her favorite toys in the picture where Laura is playing with one of them? She brought them in and dropped them at Teresa’s feet. How cute is that?


Jake’s loons: well-tuned. (And none of the permanent residents were anywhere to be seen during packing day. They care not for strangers.)


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5-21-19 Tuesday — 7 Comments

  1. All that packing, and you still managed to get pictures taken and a post prepared?! Amazinks!!

  2. The permanent residents are what we call ghost kitties at my house. You’ve heard about them but seldom see one in real life. Bunny is usually the exception. She marches out, sniffs everyone, rubs her face on their shoes and then decides if they are perhaps worthy to touch her.

  3. isn’t it hilarious that we can grow outgoing and friendly fosters and all of our permanent residents think “stranger danger” when people show up?? 🙂

  4. I love that Caroline brought her toys to Teresa — I’m still charmed when Allie brings me her toys!

  5. I have friends from 10 – 20 years ago that have visited often, yet haven’t ever ‘met’ any of my cats! So, on the plus, they will not throw shade as to “her cats were everywhere… on the counters, on the table, in my chair, on the mantle, etc” (my mom and a collection of her friends came over for ‘tea’ to see my ‘old house’… and I was scared!)… as I get older, I’m pretty sure they’ve come to think I’ve been making it all up and perhaps I’m already going a little astray…(especially when I try to update them on cats and kittens I’ve never met somewhere in Alabama!!!) Bless My Heart!

  6. My sister was convinced that this “Baby Mae” cat I kept going on about years ago was just me playing the part of Crazy Cat Lady, and she humoured me. It was years before she actually caught a glimpse of the Elusive Baby Mae. (Or, it could be that my Mae just had more discerning tastes, and didn’t care for this human…*cough**cough*…*ahem*…)