5-20-19 Monday

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The auction ended Saturday at 5 pm, and it went amazingly well! Today Teresa, Leslie and Kay are coming over and we’ll be packing auction items to be shipped out. I expect that the kittens and Caroline will be all UP in our business (apologies in advance to whoever ends up with a kitten in their box. Just consider it a bonus “thank you”) and Charles will watch from a distance while purring and rubbing his whiskers on every surface he can reach.

THANK YOU to all of you who donated wonderful items for this auction, who bid on the items, and most especially to Teresa, without whom this entire thing could not have happened in the first place, let alone gone so smoothly. That girl has been busting her butt for months, and she made this auction amazing.

Special thank yous to Suzanne, who helped a great deal in the lead-up to the auction (donating, proofreading and making suggestions) as well as helping out with daily “the current high bidder” posts each day of the auction, and to Kristin and Desiree, who helped out greatly in those daily posts. And of course thank you to Leslie and Kay, who will help make this Day of Packing go quickly!

It’s been a lot of fun, and the best part is that we get to do it all again in the fall! (Fall auction dates haven’t been determined yet. I’ll let y’all know when we figure it out – or, of course, you could go “like” the Auction page on Facebook!)


Note: (added 5/24/19) If you’re interested in a print, I’ll add you to the waiting list – they’ve come in already, and it’s been a bit of a flurry of getting payments, getting them mailed out, and figuring out what we’ve got. We should have some left over so that everyone who wants one will get one. If you’d like to be added to the waiting list, send me an email – mizrobyn (at) gmail.com – and I’ll be in touch once the dust settles.

Speaking of the auction, we had a limited number of prints of the oil painting of Charles and Caroline available Saturday evening. Those sold out quickly, but we will be ordering more. If you’d be interested in having an 8×10 print of the painting, please let me know in the comments (if you want more than one, please specify the number) and I’ll add you to the list. (If you’d rather email me with your interest instead, my email is mizrobyn (at) gmail.com ) They’ll cost $5 each. (Not yet sure what shipping will be, but it shouldn’t be too bad.)

(Just a note: there’s not a white border around the print – that’s just the way I cropped the picture. Also, there’s not a dark spot on the right side of the print; that was Charles being nosy while I was trying to take that picture!)


Mary leaps away to get away from Ma the Bathing Machine.

“Ha ha Ma! You can’t reach me here!”

“Lady, you is really quite intrusive with this picture-takin’!”

Pa tries for a hug, but Ma’s busy cleaning that kitten. Oh, those kittens – always needing cleaning!

Laura and her Pa.

Willie had places to be.

The ceiling fan continues to be fascinating.

Check out that leap up after the ping pong ball!

Albert smiles for his school picture.


Sheriff Mama (Kara) takes a break.


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5-20-19 Monday — 34 Comments

  1. The Laura and her Pa picture is to die for! Look at those sweet faces.

    So glad to read that the auction was a success! Just putting it out there, but I think opening a box to find one of the Half Pints as a bonus gift would be EPIC.

  2. Hi Robyn! I want a print please! Just let me how when and where to get the payment to you!

  3. I would like a print too! So glad the auction went well. And extra glad there are extra prints to be had. I was so mad at myself Sat night when I realized I missed the auction. Not that I did not get reminders, but age….

  4. And… Robyn was right there with me EVERY step of the way!!! Without your help, awesome lady, it also would not have been possible!! THANK YOU!! Much Love!!! And I have to mention all your fantastic, supportive fans!! Such an audience we have built in!! Cat People Rock!! ❀️❀️❀️

    • Hi Teresa – I’m from the UK and I’ve wanted at least one kitten from every family Robyn has blogged about!

      This litter to be fair I would love all of them… Tabbies are lovely but black and white cats are my total favourite so Ma would be the one I wanted to take home from this litter… I guess if Charles had to come too then that would be fine too πŸ˜‰

  5. i defenetly want a print! just let me know where/how to purches one

  6. Albert’s school picture gives me unpleasant flashbacks to my 6th grade school photo, but I just had to laugh and laugh.

  7. Robyn, Teresa and all involved in the auction – Thank you for so much fun over the past few days! The auction was very well run, with such fun items! I hope it has provided substantial funds for your wonderful organization to help the cats. Whilst I was overbid on everything I bid on, I had a great time and look forward to the fall’s event. Cheers!

    • Thanks!! So glad you had fun – we hope everyone does!! We’ll be posting the final amount raised after expenses soon… Waiting for some payments to come in – then we’ll be letting everyone know how INCREDIBLY WELL it went!!

  8. Would love 2 prints, Robyn. The (new) Ingalls’ love story is one for the ages!

  9. Hi Robyn,
    I would like two prints, if I can get them to go to two Canadian destinations without it being $900. Ha!
    I think my aunt would really like one.

    • I’ll add you to the waiting list, Dez, and will email once the dust settles and I know what I’ve got left over. I don’t think mailing to Canada would be too bad.