5-17-19 Friday

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I know you usually see cats here, but look at this sweet face.

That sweet boy is Asher, and he’s in rescue in Ohio. He’s severely emaciated – as you can see – and will need ACL surgery. The rescue caring for him is JJ’s Ruff Roads, and they’re trying to raise the funds so he can have surgery. You can read more about him – and donate to his surgery fund – here.


I think we all need to hear about how said chipmunk safely exited the building.

I wish I had a more exciting story, but I yelled for Fred, grabbed a box and a folder, and we herded the chipmunk into the box, I covered it with the folder, carried it to the front door, and let it free.

Well, there was a moment when the chipmunk was climbing the computer stand beside my desk that I thought it might jump onto Fred’s shoulder (wouldn’t be the first time that has happened), but it didn’t.

Honestly, our back yard is so small – WHY do the chipmunks insist on hanging out there?


“Hallo.” (Almanzo)

Leapin’ Willie.

Mary, keepin’ ’em clean.

Good ol’ feather lips (Almanzo). He found that feather somewhere, it stuck to his mouth, and he walked around like this for several minutes before one of his siblings knocked it off.

Kittens in motion.

And again (still.)

Albert has a giggle.

Mary always looks so stern, but she is so darn SWEET.

Almanzo and his Ma.

Leaping up after the feather teaser. Mary’s face is cracking me UP.

“Where’d it go?!” Almanzo wonders.


Newt’s waiting his turn in the catnip pot.


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5-17-19 Friday — 8 Comments

  1. Aw, Asher sweetheart… You are in good hands now, I’m sure. A big hug and kiss to you, sweet boy.

    Almanzo in his box…lol! I love it; where do you find this sh*t?!!

    This family is just too much!

  2. Why do chipmunks like your backyard? One word: rocks.

    I swear Almanzo looks as big as Caroline in that picture.

  3. regarding the dish towels that are part of the auction: Archie NEEDS to be on a dish towel!