5-17-18 Thursday

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After saying in yesterday’s post that Katia wanted nothing to do with her crate after being closed in it and then carted off to be spayed, I walked in a few hours later to find that she’d returned to her crate. Can I take this as a sign of forgiveness from her? (I’m guessing NO.)

Brian Boitano casually posing so you can check out the toes. (Someone requested a picture showing the toes on all four paws – I haven’t forgotten, I’m still working on getting that!)

“Come here, innernets, I gots a knuckle sammich for you.”

“You. See. NOTHIN’.”

Torvill’s got the crazy eyes.

“They’ll never see me here!”

Torvill’s got the guilty face.

Tessa and the Ears of Annoyance.

Field trip! First they ran around and played, and then they curled up on the cat tree for a snooze.

Brian Boitano thinks he’s one of the big kittens.

Torvill came face to face with Stefan, who gave him the ol’ hisseroo (so rude!) and Torvill went ::FLOOF::

Scott’s all “LOOK OUT BELOW!” and Torvill’s all “Huh?”


Video – foster room craziness (especially Debi).

YouTube link


Judging how often I see Alice hanging out by the catnip, I think we might need to send her to rehab.

YouTube link


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5-17-18 Thursday — 22 Comments

  1. the video was hysterical! both my cats watched in fascination. one from a lady like distance in her fav chair, but the other who looks just like crazy kitten, jumped up just below the tv to watch. You know, just in case that toy fell out.

  2. “Brian Boitano casually posing”….he actually looks like a little monkey here.

    Torville has such beautiful eyes!!!

    “They tried to make me go to rehab
    I said, no, no, no
    Yes, I been black
    But when I come back, you’ll know, know, know
    I ain’t got the time
    And if my daddy thinks I’m fine
    He’s tried to make me go to rehab
    I won’t go, mo, mo”

  3. Alice needs rehab, lol. Those therapy sessions would be EPIC.

    Floofy Torvill is adorable.

  4. What are you feeling those kittens, jumping beans? Torville’s eyes look abit crossed. Maybe some meezer traits? Are Ohno and Picabo cross eyed? And do they meyowl like meezers?

  5. My 5.5-year-old daughter is OBSESSED with Alice’s theme song. She asks me about once a week if we can listen to it, so today was an exciting day.