5-3-21 Monday

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The auction is coming! Here’s a sneak peek of what you can look forward to seeing!

There’s an AMAZING bunch of stuff in this auction, so don’t miss out! It starts Saturday morning and continues for a week. Go follow the Forgotten Felines of Huntsville Auction page!


Slapjack’s keeping an eye on things.

Rummy and Canasta have a snuggle, while Uno waits her turn.

Fighting for possession of the CatLadyBox basket (which I do not see in their shop, so they must have sold out.)

After losing out in his fight to claim the CatLadyBox basket, Pinochle retreats to consider his strategy.

We were gifted this little wrestling ring from Carmelita and Bobby (formerly Funnel Cake)’s people, and I kept forgetting to get it out of the closet (I should have done it weeks ago.) They climbed right in to give it a try, and I discovered that the posts come out of the holes really easily… and they REALLY like to chew on the cords that go around the ring. So I need to attach the posts better, and restring the cords with something less easy to chew through. Maybe I’ll get that done in time for the next litter!


Fizzbin’s ready to kick some butt.

Uno’s all “Wait, wait, wait! Wait for me, Mama!”

So, you see that shelf above Canasta in the picture above? That’s the shelf where I put the kittens to get those lined-up pictures of them. It works great because it’s high enough that they’re hesitant to jump down from there (and also not so high that if they did jump down, they’d hurt themselves.) They always look down and realize it’s too far down for them to chance it, and then I distract them with the wildly waving feather teaser.


What seems too far down to 9 week old kittens doesn’t seem too far down to adult cats, and thus…

“You can take your lined-up picture idea and shove it. SEEYA!” says Canasta.


If you missed it on social media yesterday, we are kitten sitting! Another Forgotten Felines of Huntsville foster mom had to go out of the country for the week, and so we have cute little tortie sisters…


And Julie!


They’re 8 weeks old. I set them up in the hallway bathroom. They started out acting like they were TERRIFIED of me, but in about 4 hours’ time they went from hiding behind the toilet to running over to be petted, and howling at the door at the top of their loud little lungs if I left. I ended up moving them from the bathroom to my room, and they seemed to find that acceptable; they stopped howling, anyway. Their middle of the night shenanigans have been quiet enough so far that I’m able to sleep through them.

They won’t be mixing with the Cardsharks, because they’re being treated for coccidia and I don’t want to take any chances. Since they’re in my bedroom for the week, that means the permanent residents can’t go in there (and I’ll sanitize my bedroom after they go back home next weekend), but lucky for me the permanent residents are pretty flexible when it comes to things like suddenly-closed doors.


“As long as you open the window and let me in whenever I want, and as long as they don’t try to steal MY DADDY, I don’t care about any ol’ kittens,” says Alice.

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