5-3-18 Thursday

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I bet many of you recognize THIS face!

Been slacking on taking photos – probably due to the dark and dreary winter and spring. He posed nicely on this recent bright sunshiney day. Norbie sends his appreciation for your orphan smuggling talents.

(That, of course, is Norbie – the little orphan who came to us as Khaleesi was in the midst of birthing her kittens five years ago. We slipped him in with her and though I’m not sure she was ever convinced he belonged to her, she also wasn’t NOT convinced, so she raised him as her own. You can read Khaleesi’s birthin’ story here – and yes, that IS a lot of blood in those pictures, possibly the most blood I’ve seen after a cat has given birth in my foster room. By comparison, if I didn’t know that Katia had given birth to her kittens in the crate, I wouldn’t have known because that was some CLEAN bedding.)

Thanks, Kirsten!


Three of Katia’s kittens, hanging out with Granny Kristi.

And all four of them! I wish Torvill had been looking at the camera, but y’know how kittens are.

“Is time to go home yet, lady?”
A little while longer, Deanzilla.

I wonder if I’ve mentioned that Katia adores her mama?

That is a floofy basket full o’ cute. (Katarina)

Kristi doesn’t care WHAT those floofy girls do, she is NOT leaving the pie plate!

Katarina on the scratcher, showing off her whiskers.

Snuggling with Deanzilla.

And Torvill!

“When does this thing leave, anyway? I’ve got a schedule to keep!” (Oksana)

Oh, that girl. (Katarina)

I love how it looks as though I’m forcing Deanzilla and Oksana to pose together. “Act like you like each other!”


Katarina and Deanzilla are off to their new home later this morning. I’m going to do my best to get a picture of the two of them together posing nicely rather than biting each other on the behind, but I can make no promises. I have more pictures of them to share, so you’ll be seeing them at least tomorrow, and possibly even on Monday too.

We will miss having them around here, but I know they’re going to be spoiled rotten in their new home, just like they deserve to be!


Alice performs her daily quality assurance check on the catnip. (Alice Mo/ the calico/ sure does love/ her catnip, yo)

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5-3-18 Thursday — 17 Comments

  1. N-O-R-B-E-R-T!!!!!!!! *swoon* Thank you for this picture and update Kirsten! Love that little dragon!

    Kristi in the pie with the babies…..love.

    All these pics just make me smile. I can’t believe two are already leaving the nest. It is just too too soon!

  2. Norbie! What a handsome lad he is.

    Wait, leaving this morning?! How can that be, they just popped out of Mama like, 3 days ago…

  3. Norbie!!!!! **Smooches the nosie**

    Safe travel Katarina and Deanzilla!!

  4. It’s always a joy to see our Norbles! Because, you know, he belongs to ALL OF US! Love that boy!

    • I know! I love how much you guys love him! I’ll always do updates There are soooo many that I wish we got updates on…..

  5. Norbie!!
    I can’t help but feel a little sad at the thought of that big family being separated now. Glad they’re going off in pairs though!

  6. Norbie!! My favorite birth story of all time plus he’s a tuxie!

    I sure hope Kristi and Katia can be adopted together. I’ve never had a mother-daughter pair, but my mom did. Unfortunately, although the daughter followed her mama around a lot, mama wanted nothing to do with her! Of course, that mama was a real loner. Anyway – it makes me happy to see Kristi and Katia snuggling!

  7. Yay! Norbie update!

    I have a special spot in my heart for that boy. If he had a white splotch on BOTH sides of his upper lip he’d be nearly identical to my Chloe. I am so happy he was re-adopted by someone who loves and appreciates him so much 🙂 Thank you, Kirsten!!

  8. That pic of Deanzilla showing off his little black leather toe-beans is beyond squee-worthy 🙂 Such a gorgeous boy!

    Wishing Dean and Katarina all good things as they join their new family today (Miss them already – waaah!)

  9. Wow, they’re going already? I thought they had to be older and neutered first.

  10. I ❤️ Deanzilla!

    I’ve got a question for Friday. I have three foster kittens that were born in my closet on March 11. They will be eight weeks old on Sunday. The girl is super friendly and cuddly (very food motivated, but also loves to just hang out and snuggle), and one of the boys is friendly in an indifferent kind of way, but the other is just downright skittish.

    It makes no sense to me because he’s known me literally every day of his life, and he’s been handled plenty. What can I do to gently encourage him to be friendlier and thus help make him more adoptable? I’ve already promised him I won’t eat him…

  11. Oh Norbie, You still have those for Ferrari curves. Definitely styling like Italian designs and German engineering.

  12. As much as I adore the babies (and there are not words in any language for how much I adore the babies) it’s so lovely to see them grown up! Norbert is such a handsome fellow!

  13. Mea Culpa. I just looked at this post again and realized I got Norbie’s adoption story mixed up with Creed’s. My apologies for referring to him as “re-adopted” Kirsten, since you’ve had him all along! Please give that sweet boy a scritch from me 🙂

    • I thought long and hard about getting Creed too since he was Norbie’s doppelgänger.

      • Bless your heart! I would have scooped up Creed myself were it not for my a) living in Wisconsin, b) already having a Tuxie who needs to be in a 1 cat home and c) having a husband who has DECLARED that we are a one cat home (hmmphf!)

        Thankfully, Creed’s people did come along eventually to claim him. Wish they’d send an update – hope he’s well and happy!