5-2-18 Wednesday

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The little ones (Picabo here) are learning to fling themselves off the little cat tree and assume that they’ll be fine (and to be fair, they land just fine!)

And jumping (Brian Boitano here) from the top of the scratcher to the little cat tree.

Newton. Fig Newton. (Aka Torvill)

Picabo and Debi take a snooze.

The ball that was hanging there got torn down pretty quickly, but that’s okay – they have a lot of fun batting at the cord.

That smile on Ohno’s face just makes me want to squoosh her.

Deanzilla and Torvill settle down for a nap on the bus.

Deanzilla’s all “Is time to go home yet?” One more day, little man!

Torvill’s eyes peeking up over the side of the space station cracks me UP.

Just a girl hanging out in a tree, licking the tree, as you do.


Kristi and Tessa, judging me.

6 little kittens all stuffed in the top of the little cat tree. Comfy!

Brian Boitano wanted to join the big cats on their field trip to my bedroom, and so I brought him along. He wasn’t sure WHAT to think, and stuck pretty close to the big cats.

He thought the big cat tree was pretty cool, for sure.

Katarina, Torvill, and Oksana on the top of the big cat tree.

The little ones are soooo close to figuring out how to get up there with Kristi, but haven’t quite gotten there yet.

Yesterday was QUITE exciting for all the cats in the house. We hired electricians to put ceiling fans in the foster room and in Fred’s bedroom, and swap out new ceiling fans for the old ones in the master bedroom and Fred’s office. Because the electricians would be going in and out of the foster room, I didn’t want to leave the kittens in there – the older four kittens are racing to get out the door every time it opens. So I put all 10 of the kittens in my bathroom for the 4 hours while the electricians were working. As you can imagine, 10 kittens can make a surprisingly big mess when they put their minds to it (but nothing that wasn’t easily cleaned up.)

When the fans were installed and the electricians gone, Fred gave me a hand moving all the kittens back to the foster room. Torvill caught sight of the ceiling fan (which was on) and tried to nope on out of the room. He got used to it fairly quickly, though, and by the end of the day none of the kittens were paying that ceiling fan any mind.


Video! Deanzilla, feelin’ floofy. Bonus: you get to hear me laughing like a goober.

YouTube link


Jake thinks the rock walls in the back yard are AWESOME.


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5-2-18 Wednesday — 19 Comments

  1. The picture of Kristi and Tessa really shows how similar they are!
    Was that Picabo with Dean in the video? Look at how bold/brave the baby kitten is to Godzilla! 🙂

    Questions for anyone:
    1) I have one cat that has decided that eating out of her bowl is not something she cares to do. I have to put it on the floor (kibble) and guard her so the other cats don’t steal it. Also, she has gotten rather pukey…even with tiny kibble. A phase? Teeth? Anyone else experience this and knows why? I have no problem taking her to the vet…just at this moment I think they will just tell me that all is well as I pay the bill.

    2) The youngest (8 months-ish) seems to be having his rear leg pop out of joint. I see him hobbling and I then pick him up, massage the leg as I manipulate it. I hear/feel a tiny pop….then he is off and running again. Vet visit worthy?

    • I have no suggestions (that I can think of – something might come to me!) for the first, but the second sounds like luxating patella to me. Bill (from the True Blood kittens) had surgery for that a few years back. I think that’s definitely vet visit worthy.

    • For the first, what type of dish are you using and how are her whiskers configured? Having their whiskers brushing the side of the dish while they’re eating drives some cats nuts. Puking may mean that she is simply eating too fast to keep the other cats from stealing her food. Have you considered feeding her on the other side of a closed door and giving her all the time to eat that she wants?

      • Nice wide oval. It isn’t the dish. Yeah, I have put her in a room on her own….. sigh….. She seems to not be happy “isolated” however she isn’t happy having other cats touch her. So, I have been sitting with her and being her “guard”. The other cats have learned the phrase “Don’t steal.” They also know, “Be nice to her!” She is semi-feral and only loves me. Runs from hubby. Se will now let my cat sitter pet her if she sits down. FAR from aggressive. She is actually a very very sweet quiet cat.
        They both are off to the vet today. I am not sure if it is his knee or hip joint. I am starting to wonder. I thought luxating patella, at first, too. But the other side popped at the hip this am.

        • Let us know what you find out at the vet, would you? I’m curious about what the joint-popping could be!

  2. Brian Boitano wanted to join the big kids on their outing? That little boy could barely walk a week ago, and now he’s acting like a Hobbit getting further and further away from the Shire.

  3. Happy belated “the wind blew ya in” day to Dorfy!! I always read this story when it comes around. And as I’m writing this I’m watching the news report on the tornadoes in Oklahoma and Kansas yesterday… 🙁

  4. What a great post today with all those fabulous pictures! Kittens between the ages of 6-9 weeks are the absolute cutest things!

  5. About the kittens who are getting adopted soon, don’t they need to get spayed/neutered beforehand?

    • Ordinarily yes, but the adopters have adopted previously from FF; Dean and Katarina have an appointment to be spayed and neutered on the 14th (along with the rest of their litter and both mamas.)

      • There are always those great trustworthy adopters!!! (I being one of them! ha)

  6. Tomorrow??? Whine! You can’t send them home tomorrow… more whining, they’re too cute, can’t you wait until they’re not all fluffy and playful and adorable… oh wait, that never happens. Sigh, fine… take away our kitten fun. Grumble. I hope their new pawrents know what a sacrifice it is to us readers to let them have our entertainment! Hope they update you with pictures soon!
    Sniff sniff, I miss them already..

    wonder how long it will take for the mommas to realize there are fewer babies running around? “Hey, the line for the milk bar is shorter, I’m saved!” MOL!

    • I am with you!
      Dear adopters,
      Please please please always send pictures and updates until the end of time.
      Their adoring fans.

  7. The scary ceiling fan! Every few months for his entire 18-year life, Simon would freak out about the ceiling fans, which run most of the time in Texas. He would skulk around, eyeing the fan suspiciously – but then the next day, he would go back to ignoring it!