5-2-17 Tuesday

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Back toward the end of 2015, Miss Connie over at Tails from the Foster Kittens posted about the Go Pets scratcher. I immediately bought one, and then when it arrived I stuffed it in the closet, as is my way.

Last week, I was looking for the triangle scratcher that I used last year with the Fakers, and couldn’t find it. (I suspect it was befouled with some substance rendering it unsanitary, and so ended up in the trash.) However, I did find the Go Pets scratcher, and immediately took it in the foster room.

It’s a hit, to say the least.

“I sees you, lady!”

Kind of amazing that he’s got enough room to turn over in there, isn’t it?

“Coming for you, lady!”

I think Beignet was the first one in.

When they slide out like this, I say they’re reliving their birth experience and then I laugh and laugh because I amuse myself so.

Praline enjoys climbing in and falling asleep, usually hanging halfway out.

And Roux prefers her privacy, please.

Nola, however, does NOT like it when they climb into the scratcher, because it makes her nervous when she can’t see them. Sorry, Nola!

Look at that fluffy little muffin. That is Beignet, if you didn’t already know that, and you can tell her apart from the other girls because Beignet has a pink nose, and Roux and Praline do not. Also, Beignet is floofier than the other girls. She’s not quite as floofy as Andouille, but she’s certainly got some floof going on.

They LOVE to play with that silvervine toy – not so much because of the silvervine, I don’t think, but because the perfect size for them to grab and kick.

And bite the tag.

Roux and the Claw of Doom.

“Watching you, lady. Always.”

These kittens are getting cuter by the day. Now not only is Andouille climbing into my lap for a cuddle when I walk into the room, but Roux is as well. I went in yesterday afternoon to hang out with them, and they both fell asleep in my lap and I died from the cute.

There’s been more litter box usage – I’ve seen Andouille use it several times and Praline too. Yesterday morning Roux kept walking around the room, whining, and squatting in various non-litter box locations. Each time, I picked her up immediately and put her in the litter box. She’d look dyspeptic and stomp back out, and start whining again. It wasn’t until I put her in the litter box and Praline jumped in, peed, and jumped back out that the light went on over Roux’s head and she peed. Which is funny, since she was the first one to use the litter box! I guess it’s hard to retain information when there’s so much marshmallow fluff crammed in your head.


If you missed it in the comments yesterday, a video of Andouille showed up on MSN.com yesterday (thanks again to Alicia who shared the link!) I would embed the video here, but I can’t see a way to do that, sorry.

Very cool, isn’t it?

(To answer the questions you might have: Storyful has video rights to that video and 10 or 15 other of my videos. I do earn money on the videos, a small amount. Last year I think I earned about $75 on the Rickles Jazz Hands video (which I used to buy a cat tree because of COURSE). Storyful found me via YouTube, and when one of my videos catches their attention, they email me to express interest. I sign a contract, and sometimes my videos show up in cool places!)


Speaking of videos. This first one is of me playing with Roux. I was trying to get a sideways skitter out of her, and while I didn’t really get that, I did get a whole lot of cute.

YouTube link

And in the second one, well. You have got to see this ridiculousness. Beignet gets her skitter on – and unleashes a whole lot of attitude at her Mama, who could not have cared one teeny tiny bit less. I love how Praline comes along at the end, all “You can DO that?!”

YouTube link


Did you know that I actually schedule out the permanent residents’ section of these posts? I literally have everyone’s name written on my calendar Monday – Friday, so you’ll see every permanent resident at least each 11th post. (That doesn’t include Saturdays or the weekend roundups on Sunday.) Anyone who’s spent more than a few minutes at my desk will inevitably ask “Why is there a cat’s name on each day of your calendar?” and then look at me like I’m insane when I explain. But come on – if I didn’t make a point of scheduling them, you might not ever see certain permanent residents.

So today is Maxi’s day – they’re scheduled in the order that they joined the permanent resident roster, I actually have a list hanging on the wall next to… you know what? You just hush up. I’m not sure why Newt is listed before Maxi, but he just is. HE JUST IS.

Today is Maxi’s day, and I didn’t have any pictures of her in my “Unshared Permanent Residents” folder (did I mention the part where you just hush up?), and I was too lazy to do more than stand on the side stoop and call for her (she didn’t bother to show up), which is why I’m posting old pictures of Maxi, from the very first time we met her, when she showed up here at the beginning of September 2006.




She was clearly not much more than a kitten and was nursing kittens of her own, and she was instantly friendly and stomped over and asked to be petted.

She belonged to the people who owned this house before us. They took their other cat with them, a dilute tortie who had also recently given birth, but “couldn’t get hold of” Maxi (who they were calling Dixie) because she was “too skittish” and “didn’t like to be touched.”

Ah well. So she’s been ours ever since (though I referred to her as “not ours” for a few months before I gave up), and that was her last litter. She’s not quite so tiny any more, but she’s still beyootiful. But you’ll have to wait another 10 posts to see that for yourself!


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5-2-17 Tuesday — 13 Comments

  1. Am I ever jealous that you had Andouille and Roux fall asleep in your lap.

    Look how tiny is right! Hard to believe she had had kittens, she’s so tiny herself. How did you come up with Maxi as her new name?

    • Honestly, I have no idea – I needed a name for her to give the vet’s office when she was going for spaying, and it popped into my head.

      Newt is named after (ugh) Newt Gingrich, who was on the TV when I was on the phone with the vet’s office. 🙂

  2. The kittens still have their “baby blue eyes.” So cute and sweet. Enjoy because soon they will be running around like their butts are on fire! Ha, ha.

  3. Oh these videos! I am now calling Beignet “Princess Prancy Paws” after that last one!

    Oh tiny little Maxi! You were a smart girl to be stand-offish to those other folks. I’m sure you’d heard through the cat-vine that your real family was on the way and that you and your kittens were hitting the jackpot!

  4. Well I find it the easiest to tell Beignet apart from her sisters because she’s the one with the beignet powered sugar all over her face. 🙂

    I want Andouille. I envy the people he ends up with.

    • Not really – she likes to occasionally sit next to me and drape her tail over my leg, but isn’t interested in sitting in my lap. She’s also really wary of being kissed, which is a shame.

  5. OMG Beignet. Sidewinding at your mother. *tsk*

    I love how Nola’s ignoring her.

  6. Praline says You can DO that? and Nola says, Ayeah kid, doesn’t bother me. You can just see her jerk her chin up slightly and imagine she’s saying something like that.

  7. Baby kitty Maxie! So adorable.

    So, is it just me, or does Nola always look ready to go onto stage for the Westminster Cat Show? I have no idea if there is such a thing, but there should be! She reminds me of my cat, Mewlan, who is incredibly gorgeous. Yet my cat licks her ruff, so it looks a bit messy, compared to Nola who looks like a dream come true!

  8. I really miss that scratcher.. all the kittens LOVE those holes.. even after they become too big for them