4-27-16 Wednesday

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Can you believe the Fakers are already 8 weeks old? I can’t believe it – and yet, it seems like they’ve been here forever, too. I don’t have comparison pictures of each of them for today’s post – I’m going to save that for Monday, when they turn 2 months old – but I do have some other comparison pictures that I thought y’all might like to see.

This is Susie at 1 month old on the left, and 8 weeks old on the right. Not as much room in that basket as there used to be!

Bert Macklin, in the triangle scratcher. 1 month old on the left, 8 weeks old on the right.

Chanandler Bong in the triangle scratcher, 1 month old and 8 weeks old.

Princess Consuela – 1 month and 8 weeks old.

Princess Consuela, again – climbing the side of the scratcher at 1 month and 8 weeks. She still loves climbing that thing – they all do!

On the left we have Ken Adams climbing the scratcher, with Art Vandelay looking on. On the right, Ken Adams is climbing the scratcher, and this time Art has decided to lend a hand. Er, a tooth.

Did I mention that they love to play on and in that scratcher? Here we have Ken Adams on top, Susie inside, all “NO THIS IS MINE!” and Art Vandelay keeping an eye on things.

Ken Adams goes for a climb and gives Princess Consuela a ::thlurrrp:: on top of her head.

Art Vandelay with the Open Mouth of Outrage, tackled by Bert Macklin. That’s Princess Consuela on the right, considering going for another climb.

LOOK at that look of adoration on Art Vandelay’s face as he looks at his mama. He was just under three weeks old, and OH how he loved his mama.

Nowadays, he’s all smacking at her ears…

…and yelling “NO, Mama, I don’t WANT a hug!”

But he still has his occasional sweet moments. Awwww.

Regina’s all “Princess Consuela, give your mama a hug!”
Princess Consuela’s all “I LOVE YOU, MAMA!”

Then Regina bunny-kicked Princess Consuela for a bit. Because that’s what she gets to do, now that they’re not all tiny and fragile.

Speaking of the kittens not being tiny and fragile, I weighed them a couple of days ago. Except for Chanandler Bong (who weighed in at 1 pound, 14.5 ounces), they are all over two pounds. Princess Consuela and Susie are only half an ounce over two pounds (they weigh exactly the same), and the boys are 2 pounds 5 ounces (Bert Macklin), 2 pounds 6 ounces (Art Vandelay) and 2 pounds 7 ounces (Ken Adams). No wonder Susie doesn’t fit as well in that basket – she’s nearly doubled in size in the last 4 weeks!


Videos! In the first, the kittens were too busy racing around like wild things to let Regina catch them, so she settled for bunny-kicking my foot.

YouTube link

And in the second, Ken Adams REALLY wants into the teddy bear bed. If only his abs and biceps (triceps?) were just a little bit stronger!

YouTube link


Doesn’t Alice have the prettiest eyes? SUCH a pretty girl!

YouTube link.


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4-27-16 Wednesday — 10 Comments

  1. This post is just all smiles. I love that you have the same prop/object for size comparison. Wow…the difference in just 4 weeks.

    Regina is such a bunny kicker! LOL

    Trivia: There are a lot of muscles used during pull-ups but yes, biceps are the major and the long head of the triceps also assists. So, both your guesses were right. And mercy, Ken is mighty cute attempting it!

  2. Ooooh, they’re getting big! Still cute though (hehe… duh!) Also, in the paragraph stating their weights, you’ve got Ken Adams listed as Ken Macklin. It’s okay though, we know what you mean!
    Regina is quite playful and feisty! Do you have a guesstimate of her age?
    Have a great day!

    • Thanks! I’ve fixed it – I am forever trying to give them each others’ last names for some reason. I also have a problem with trying to call Ken “Kent” for some reason!

      Regina is about a year and a half old – she was born to a mama cat, and the guy who had her found homes for all the kittens except Regina. Of course, once Regina got old enough, she started having kittens of her own – these kittens are her third (and last!) litter. Obviously she makes awesome kittens, but her baby-making days are OVER, yay! 🙂

  3. I love the video of Ken Adams trying to get into the teddy bed! They’re getting so big – but he’s not quite big enough!