4-26-16 Floofsday

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When Regina was being spayed last week, Fred thought the kittens needed a visitor. So he introduced them to Uncle Archie.

There was floofing.

Susie (nearest Archie) and Ken Adams.

So. Very. Floofy. Archie tried to pretend he didn’t see them.

“Oh, is there water…?” The Floof Brigade.

Fred took Archie out of the room, and Susie de-floofed except for her tail.
“That was skeery! I mean, NOT skeery. I wasn’t skeered!”

Then Fred brought in another visitor: Uncle Stefan!

I love that five of the six are staring at him, but Bert Macklin is all “I’m thirsty and I need a drink!”

Art and Susie put on their best and floofiest Stranger Danger suits.

Princess Consuela just was not sure what was going on. I love that in the mirror on the right, you can see Art floofed and glaring.

Art Vandelay and the well-tailored and freshly floofed Stranger Danger suit. Now, THAT is a man who means business!

Ken Adams, also feeling floofy – and that FACE. “You come over here, Mister, I gots a knuckle sammich for you.”

Meanwhile, Uncle Stefan was all “Hi, ceiling fan, how ya been? Long time, no see!”

The kittens were just not sure what their next step should be.

Then Fred took Uncle Stefan out of the room, and Art Vandelay decompressed and thought about what had happened.

Suddenly he remembered that there had been a Stranger in his room, and he quickly put on his suit again, just in case.

The End.


Videos! In the first one, Bert Macklin has himself a case of the Crazies.

YouTube link.

And in the second, Princess Consuela and Ken Adams like to wrassle with the stuffed frog I bought at Petco. (I mistakenly thought it was a stripey stuffed cat because I didn’t look that closely at it, only to realize when I got home that it’s a frog. Not that the kittens care one little bit!)

YouTube link.


Jake, snoozing on my bed. I sure do love that loony boy.


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4-26-16 Floofsday — 17 Comments

  1. Oh, love those little floof suits! Bert seemed to be the least bothered. 🙂 That’s my boy!!

    Hi, Archie!!! Hi, Stefan!!!

  2. I was taking a drink of my coffee when i read the headline and choked on “Floofsday”.
    love those floofy skeeredy kitties

  3. Seriously, who is that supposed to scare?? Oh my gosh, the tiny little gray and white balls of adorableness are now on their tip toes with their furs all poofy! I must run! Um, no, I must squee!!!!! and maybe try to pick them up and get teeny tiny baby claw scratches on my face because they think they are in danger and must fight when all I want to do is kiss their silly fluff back down! Oh the humanity! er, Oh the kittenanity!
    Why didn’t I notice before that Art parts his hair down the middle? Too cute!
    Hello darling Jake, does you have a squinky eye?

    • I have to admit that Archie is a little nervous when the kittens put on their floof suits – though that could be because there are so MANY of them. 🙂

      And confession: Art was assigned his name because of the part, because I figured it would be easier to remember which one he was if I could remember Art-part. Ken Adams was almost Chanandler Bong because of his “bangs” (Bong-bangs), until I realized it should go to one of the girls!

  4. They are just wee baby kittehs, and Archie and Stefan are big, skeery cats, and they must put on their floof-suits to match Archie and Stefan’s skeeriness.

  5. OMC the floofiness is killing me!! I think Susie grew three-times her regular size! So I guess no visit from Uncle Dennis now that Mama is back?

    • No, no visits from Uncle Dennis – that’ll happen at some point in the future, I think. We should have a gap of a couple of weeks between the time Regina goes to Petsmart and the kittens are ready.

  6. “Just in case”! That killed me! But I had to comment about the 2015 post: Louis in the sun just melted my brain. And my heart. I’m typing as quickly as possible before I become a puddle of meat and bones… WHAT A CUTIE!

  7. Aaahh floor suits gotta love them. Know it would never happened but the thought of sticking Joe Bob in there amused me.

  8. Bert Macklin was going for water because everyone else had the floof thing covered.

    “Art Vandelay and the well-tailored and freshly floofed Stranger Danger suit” reminds me of a zoot suit which of course reminds me of Prince.

  9. It’s a vital step in quality control at Crooked Acres: making sure the floof suits are in top working order!