4-25-16 Monday

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All of today’s pictures came off my phone. I was running out of space, so needed to make room, and these are so cute I wanted to make sure I shared them.

Art Vandelay and Chanandler Bong, nursing before Regina went off to be spayed last week.

Susie’s got the Open Mouth of Outrage going on.

Sweet Chanandler Bong in my lap. OH those pink ears and that pink nose!

In case you missed mention of it over the weekend, the kittens were gifted with this adorable felted mouse cave. They all like it, but Susie likes it the most. She’s always crawling around inside, or snoozing on top of it. Isn’t it great?

“Innernets, look! Look what they did to my belly!”

Princess Consuela (left) and Bert Macklin get their tussle on.

Snoozing Ken Adams.

Seriously, Art Vandelay cracks me UP. (And no, Regina did NOT let him nurse!)

Sleepy Susie.

Bert Macklin and Princess Consuela, keeping Regina company in the pie plate. Doesn’t Regina look thrilled?

Princess Consuela wandered off, and then it was just Bert and his mama.

Susie in the mouse cave. She loves to play with the ears.

Chanandler and Princess Consuela, snoozing together. PC’s face cracks me UP.

Would you care for some Bert Macklin pie? Baked fresh! Well, fresh-ish.

Regina healed well from her spay surgery, and on Sunday I let her go back into the foster room with the babies. They seemed happy to see her, but not like they’d particularly missed her. She spent a good part of Sunday snoozing, and by last night she seemed pretty much back to normal.

She had her first vaccination yesterday, which means she’ll be ready for her last vaccination in a couple of weeks. If anyone is seriously interested in this sweet, friendly, playful girl, let me know and I’ll send you an application!


Joe Bob swears he is not the father of those kittens. (I mean, it would be some kind of miracle if he were, since he was neutered before their mother was even born. But I do like to tease him about it!)


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4-25-16 Monday — 12 Comments

  1. LOL – Joe Bob could be the day (looks wise.)

    RE picture: Seriously, Art Vandelay cracks me UP. (And no, Regina did NOT let him nurse!) – Oh Art, that is just pathetic!!! 🙂

    What a wonderful mouse cave gift! Susie looks extremely pleased!

  2. Princess Consuela and Bert Macklin remind me of a certain pair of blue kittens that once upon a time appeared on your doorstep… 😉

    Sweet Jake, how is he doing these days? Does he still have his loon on?

    • I can definitely see the loony resemblance! 🙂

      Jake is doing well – first my parents were visiting, which freaked him out. And THEN we had workmen pressure-washing the house, which freaked him out. But a couple of days of relative calm has gotten him back to his usual loony self. (Don’t tell him that they’ll be here tomorrow to paint the outside of the house!)

  3. In the first picture of Susie in the mouse cave, she looks like she has half of one of those old-time villain mustaches – the kind that twirl up at the ends? She’s adorable.

  4. Susie is so cute in that cave, and Art just cracks me up. Have you ever had a momma let them hang off of her and nurse? I can’t imagine you have because it sounds painful to have that weight tugging on your nipple (TMI?) but I am not a cat so maybe it’s different for them.

    • No, I’ve never seen a momma cat allow that – even the sweetest ones. They usually just keep moving, and the kittens sit there like “Darn! I can’t believe that didn’t work!” 🙂