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Louise asked yesterday whether the kittens are eating kitten food yet, or depending on Kate for their nutrition. I’ve made a concerted effort in the past few days to get the kittens interested in canned kitten food. The first time I tried, Charming was all “THIS IS AWESOME!” and ate a good amount first off my fingers and then off the plate. At the same time, Leia also ate some kitten food, but would only eat it off my hand. That’s the only time I’ve been able to get any of them interested, though. Since then, they’ll all sniff at the food, but are very much not interested in giving it a try. It’s possible that they’re eating dry food when I’m not in the room – there are small bowls of Royal Canin Babycat out at all times – but I’m in the room so often that if they were eating it, I think I’d see some sign of it.

So to answer the question, at this point they’re depending on Kate. If they were bottle babies, I’d be stressing about this, because they are certainly old enough to be eating on their own, at least some. But with Kate there, and willing to let them nurse, I mostly figure that they’ll eat when they’re ready. I’ll keep on encouraging and tempting them, of course, and one day they’ll decide that food is the way to go.

“You tryin’ to steal my babies? Because THAT would make me VERY… Hmm. Actually, okay. Go ahead and steal them. I can handle that.”

Four of the five.

Charming, amazed that he’s the only one in that awesome basket.

Aslan, wondering why he’s all alone and looking just a teeny bit sad about that.

Look at the attitude on that one.

Leia, telling Jareth who the boss is (I love the way she’s standing up, waving her paws around.)

“I YAM the boss, and don’t you forget it!”

Jareth in my lap, getting his ear rubbed and none too pleased about that.

What is it with these kittens and their attitude today, I ask you.

“You can take a couple with you when you leave the room, if you want. Would be okay with me.”

Sulky little Aslan.

Today’s video is of the kittens burning off some of that excess energy. They crack me up when they run around like wild things.

YouTube link.

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Today, we have no wee dragons for you. Tuesday night, Fred said “Tomorrow or Thursday”, and last night he said “Tomorrow or Friday…” Hmph. I’m beginning to think he has no particular insight on this issue!

Khaleesi shows off her tabby locket.

Keeping clean, because she knows that when those babies come along, there’ll be limited bath time for Mama.

“I can haz a snuggle?”

Last night, I could see lots of baby movement in her belly. I need to get a video so that y’all can see it, too!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Miz Poo in the sun.

By the way, last week I was checking my referral stats, and saw that someone had come to Love & Hisses by searching on “People who like poo.” Somehow, I suspect that they didn’t quite get what they were looking for. πŸ™‚


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4-25-13 — 40 Comments

  1. I thought y’all would like this. The Game of Thrones language maker (official title) is upset people pronounce Khaleesi “wrong”. Claims its β€œKHAH-lay-see,” not β€œka-LEE-see.” Of course, then the argument might be made he is spelling it wrong since he wants it it be Khalaysi (seriously, pronouncing “EE” as a long “a”, what?).


    • Kinda strange since GRRM is helping produce the show and you know, it’s his creation and all.

      I love Aslans coat cat wait to see how it turns out when he’s a bit older.

  2. I know I’ve said it before, but this time I mean it. These are the cutest kittehs evah!!

  3. β€œPeople who like poo.” OMG! I about fell out of my chair laughing!
    Love all those babies, dragons, mama kitties and residents! If I ever get to meet you….I would be more than happy to pet Miz Poo for as long as she wanted. πŸ™‚

  4. Re Khaleesi’s tabby locket: it’s large enough to hold her kitty passport AND her cell phone (I’m sure she’ll want to keep in touch with her kittens after they’ve headed off to their adoring servants). Those Royals are really hitting their silly stride, aren’t they? Leia gets more beautiful by the day — oh, they all do — and big-boned Charming reminds me of Hydrox. Now if Rufus shows up when I hit Random, my day will be complete!

  5. That kitten video was fun. They look like they still haven’t quite mastered control of their bodies — bodies that are so plump and fuzzy I wish I could snorgle them all day long (so jealous of you). Mama Kate is beautiful & I hope she gets a great home because she seems very sweet.

    Khaleesi is such a pretty girl, I can’t wait to see what her babies look like.

    Sort of off topic: Have you ever considered a superhero alter-ego naming theme? I bring it up because I still think about the dynamic duo of Batman and Robin, who captured my heart thanks to your captions of hilarity. I know regular names aren’t all that exciting but I think a litter of Clark (Kent), Bruce (Wayne), Reed (Richards), Oliver (Queen), Norrin (Radd), etc would be cute… unless a lot of those names have already been used (I know CH doesn’t like to re-use names).

    • We have to “cow kitties” at the shelter named “Superman” and “Clark Kent”

    • “That kitten video was fun. They look like they still haven’t quite mastered control of their bodies” – I’m still half-convinced Robyn is slipping Jack Daniels into their water bowl just prior to filming, so as to ensure maximum wobble. (c:

      A coworker brought kittens in to work this afternoon. Like Robyn, she’s a magnet for strays, and lots of them show up on her doorstep pregnant. She’s trying to partner with someone local to get spays/neuterings at a reduced rate, but so far no luck, and her own resources are tapped out. So far this spring she’s had either 5 or 6 pregnant cats show up on or around her property – she currently has 17 kittens in various stages of weaned-ness, with one or possibly two more litters on the way. Anyway, I had a little bit of an emotional meltdown when I had to remind myself that my life is too screwed up right now to take one of the kittens; as luck would have it, the one I instantly fell in love with when she showed me a cell-phone photo was one of the two that were not claimed today. I could have handled it better if it’d been some other random kittens I was snuggling, but *that* one, and then she curled up under my chin and started purring – oh man. *snif* That whole episode should have filled me with energy and inspiration and determination to Get Stuff Done so that maybe Future Me will be able to say “yes!” instead of “I wish I could…” but instead it’s just left me even more morose and listless, coming here for some “safe” kitten viewing. Bah humbug, I say.

  6. Ohhhhh…. Soooo. Much. Cute. And, proof positive that I have lost all self control… I clicked the RANDOM button. My birthday – July 16 – of last year came up. So on top of the already cute above, I got a Stompers update, a narrative by Caspian, and … oooh… I think I should call someone… I think I have OD’d on cute… no need for any sugar in my coffee this morning…. KERPLUNK… yep, that’s me, falling over from the cute!

  7. Leia is truly turning into an irresistible little princess. My heart always belongs to the tabby cats, can’t resist the cute!

  8. Robyn, can I ask help of your wonderful Love And Hisses community again? I know I ask a lot of the kindness available here. BARCS, the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter (http://baltimoreanimalshelter.org/) has been hit with several hoarding cases recently and their resources are stretched fairly thin. They are in need of adoptive homes, foster homes, and good old-fashioned donations. There are likely more cats coming in soon, from another hoarding case, and they need some help with their help.

    Here are two of the cats from the current situation (posting the flikr link because I’m assuming HTML is not an option in comments):

    That’s a five year old female and a one year old male who were two of over 36 cats in one residence (she’s his grandmother or great-grandmother!). They’re wonderfully sweet cats, and these two are safe, but the fate of the rest is uncertain. Can you help spread the word that homes and help are needed?

      • Thank you so much! You are an angel. Can I send you some brownies or truffles or something in thanks? I make the very best in the world.

  9. “People who like poo”

    Maybe they found exactly what they were looking for, but just forgot to capitalize Poo. Don’t be so judgmental!! πŸ˜‰

  10. When I read “searching for people who like poo”, my first thought (despite Miz Poo’s purty face looking right at me) was that we have discussed so many cat and kitten poop issues on this blog that it must have ranked pretty high in the search results! πŸ˜‰

    Love the babies at this silly stage!!

  11. Count me among those who are flailing about for a reason that someone would Google search “People who like poo”. Perhaps they feel over-familiar with dear Miz Poo so they dropped the formality and forgot the capital letter? And they were looking for kindred spirits who are also her fans? Perhaps they are looking for fans of Winnie and forgot the letter h? Perhaps a senior citizen who needs prunes to pass now and is looking for someone to talk about it with? Perhaps it was a valley girl who left out the punctuation and she meant to search “People who, like, poo”?

    Never mind. People are just weird.

    Khaleesi’s locket is the bomb! It’s the best kind of bling.

  12. That was an inaccurate referral; L&H is definitely the place for people who LOVE Poo. πŸ˜‰

  13. Is just me or do Charming’s eyes still look very blue? All the others’ look a lot less blue. Wouldn’t it be awesome if his stayed blue? Buttercup will still be my favorite. BTW, where is her close-up today?
    And what is up with Lilybet? Why has she not found her people yet. Don’t make me come down there!

    • Over the past day or so, they’ve started to change. I would LOVE it if they stayed blue – the blue against his black fur is so striking!

  14. Oh – the random post button took me to “Goodbye Elwood.” What a sweet boy he was. It still makes me cry. I am so sorry Robyn.

    • Thanks, Ibby. I actually picked up a bag of treats at Walmart yesterday thinking “Oh, Elwood will love these…” and then remembered. With him and Spanky both gone in such a short period, the house is so very quiet.

  15. I just have to say again how gorgeous Kate is. I hope she finds the best home ever, when she is ready. If distance and housing situation aligned, I’d take her in a heartbeat!

  16. Lei acts like an overwound wind-up toy that just goes flying in all directions. Simultaneously. Maybe she is Heisenberg kitteh.

  17. I luf poo! Miz Poo, that is. All the kittens are so sweet, but Leia and her little ear tufts especially kill me dead!