5-1-17 Monday

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It is May 1st, and if you are the organized type, you have maybe already turned your calendar and found that the Anderson calendar girl for May is…

Sheriff Mama/ Kara! (In the calendar pic, that bottle of vinegar is mostly cropped out. Just FYI.)

The foster kitten on tap for getting us through May with a big smile is…

Stefani from the Coaches!



Back in 2013, we had Khaleesi, who made us wait forEVER before she birthed her litter. On the very night she was giving birth, we got a call about a little orphan newborn kitten who needed a mother. While Khaleesi was resting after birthing her third kitten (eventually named Puff), we rubbed the little orphan tuxie with a blood-and-afterbirth soaked rag, and slipped him in among her three kittens.

Khaleesi was a bit baffled (but then, bafflement was a pretty familiar to state to Khaleesi) and while she could often be seen staring at the little orphan trying to figure out where he’d come from, she cared for him as one of her own.

You can read Khaleesi’s whole birth story here, and of course that little orphan was Norbert/Norbie.

Here’s a random selection of pictures as a reminder to how he looked like back then.

Front and center at five days old, while Khaleesi eats breakfast.

At nearly 4 weeks old. Oh, those whiskers, those eyes, that sweet little alien face.

With his brudder Puff (now Hook), in the tiny basket.

With Ember, in my lap, at about 5 weeks old.

With Scorch (buff tabby), Ember (white and orange), and Ruth, at about 8 weeks old.

He went to live in Chicago with Kirsten, and we’ve been lucky to get regular updates about him (we LOVE updates!)

Here he is today at 4 years old!

Eyes are open, but no one’s home. With bonus *snik*

Your fly is open Norbie.

Still loves the very top of the cat tree.

His favorite exercise is yoga. Or maybe chasing his mousie (which came home in his toy bag from mama Robyn!)

Favorite place, still in my arms – such a baby. Norbie is a sweetheart 95% of the time with 5% antagonizing the elders in the house.

Happy Birthday Dragons!

Thanks as always to you and Fred for sharing your adventures and your home. All orphans should be so lucky as Norbert!

Oh, that sweet boy. Haven’t we been lucky to be able to watch him grow? I LOVE IT.

Thank you so much for the update, Kirsten. Please give that sweet boy a kiss from us. And happy birthday, Norbie and ALL the Dragons!


Nola tries to keep Andouille clean.

Then Praline picks a fight with him.

But nothing shall stop Mama from her thlurrrping!

OH how that boy loves his Mama.

The milk bar is open!

I’d say Praline came along for a kiss, but I think that’s actually a chomp.

Running that milk bar is a 24/7 job, Nola. I suspect you’ve discovered that!

Watching one of the kittens on the scratcher.

This is the follow up to the picture I posted on Instagram yesterday morning, of Nola and Praline. It was too cute, I had to share even though it’s nearly identical to the other one. The thlurrrp and Praline’s slappin’ paw at the ready just kill me.

Hangin’ out with Mama. That’s Beignet on the left, rolling around. Roux is on the right, looking up at me, and Praline is behind her at the milk bar.

The kittens are FOUR weeks old today, can you believe that? Time has flown with these little monkeys. On Saturday Roux climbed into the litter box and peed, and when I went in yesterday morning someone had pooped in the litter box, so we are on our way as far as that goes.

Andouille now eats alongside Nola every time I bring a plate of food in. The girls are starting to show some interest, but I haven’t seen them actually eating yet.

They’re starting to climb the scratcher, the sides of the crate, each other. I should probably bring the small blue cat tree into the room, but I’m not quite ready to see any of them up on the platform throwing themselves to the floor because they’re too fluff-headed to figure out how to get down correctly, so I’ll wait a bit longer.


This video, I cannot even. I was sitting on the foster room floor, minding my own business, and Roux was shrieking because Andouille was biting her butt. Nola thought I was hurting her baby (I WOULD NEVER) and came over to put a stop to the shenanigans. So then we had a conversation (and Roux and Andouille relived their birthing experience).

YouTube link

And also, many of you saw this video on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook yesterday, but I couldn’t wait to share it because that whiny little muffin just cracks. Me. UP.

YouTube link


Do you recognize the box Newt is laying in? If you said that’s the box that Emmy gave birth and raised her kittens in, you would be correct.

Hard to believe Emmy and four kittens fit so completely in that box, isn’t it?


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5-1-17 Monday — 27 Comments

  1. Nola is just sooooo pretty.
    Andouille – MUST.HAVE. Didn’t you want to just squeeze his but when he was in that cheese?

    • Love that expression when the kids are fighting. She has this face that just says:


    • Haha – I totally squeeze that fuzzy little butt all the time, and tweak that little tail. I cannot keep my hands to myself! 😉

  2. Happy birthday to Khaleesi’s kittens!

    I have a small (non-photographic) Khaleesi update. The Daughter got into the U of Alberta, so she’s heading to Edmonton in the fall. At this point it looks like it’s easier to get a cat across the border that a car. (They don’t require French warning stickers on Khaleesi.) The main challenge at this point is finding a cat friendly apartment near campus from a distance. If that doesn’t work out, Khaleesi will spend a year with us annoying Lily.

    • Thank you for the Khaleesi update and congratulations to your daughter! But I don’t know, I think Khaleesi needs a “Mother of Dragons on board” sticker in French. just so the authorities know that royalty is coming for a stay! 😀

  3. So good to see a Norbie update. Has grown into a YUGE kitty, so happy too! Thanks for the update.

    In that one photo of Roux with her mama, she looks like she’s giving you the stinkeye like Nola!

    • Sweet Norbie and his Ferrari curves! Was such a standout amongst the chrysanthemum heads of his siblings.

      Now is it my eyes or has Mr Pesto Breath lost a pound or two? Either way he still looks as smug (or was that snug?) as ever.

  4. Oh Norbie!!!! What a wonderful way to start a Monday off! And a Mama Khaleesi update, too! That is still my favorite birth story of all your litters.

    Gah, these videos are killing me! And the second one with Andouille giving you the what for needs to go straight to the Favorites. That is right up there with Spitty Mary for me!

  5. Andy and that last little mew and a paw slap….LOL such drama! Love that little muffin. Norbie looks so awesome. I remember the day those babies were born and him arriving to get snuck in between. Very lucky timing for him.

  6. awwww – Norb update. Love that picture of him with Ember – she’s all “nope – nothing going on in there). MOL

    Andouille is in for a surprise when his fuzzy butt doesn’t fit inside that scratcher anymore.

    • I keep waiting for one of them to squeeze through the smaller hole in that scratcher, but they apparently know better!

  7. Yay!!! Norbie!!!! Thank you for sharing updates – I loved him and his story so very much! And a Khaleesi update!!!! And Nola and the Cajuns! And too cute videos! And Newt! And Emmy! Not to mention the flip of the calendars to reveal this month’s ambassadors!!!! GAH!!! It’s Monday, May Day, and here in a river town smack dab in the middle of the Midwest… the rain has finally stopped, the sun is shining, and we’re assessing flooding, preparing for crests, and some of the water is receding… yes, it is a GREAT day!!!!! (And congratulations to the daughter/Khaleesi’s mom – and to Alton! BTW, the river town I live in is Alton!)

  8. P.S. I forgot to mention….NORBERT!!! Oh how I adore him! I wish the other adopters would send in pictures. I would love to see how Ember looks as an adult, etc.

  9. Aw, Norbie! I love seeing your sweet face again. And Happy Birthday to all the Dragons! It does seem like just yesterday…

    Oh, that little Andouille! The whining and then the paw slap at the end of the video is hysterical! Looks as though he’s throwing a little kitten tantrum, lol.

  10. NORBERT!! He was always my favorite because of his unique birth story. I’m a sucker for orphans. So glad he’s doing well!