5-1-18 Tuesday

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The members of the FPLF (Feline Peoples Liberation Front) got together to wish Khaleesi’s kittens a happy birthday. It’s hard to believe that they are 5 years old! (Khaleesi in the front left, Lily in the back, and Bubba over there on the right.)

It is SO hard to believe that five years ago we were anxiously waiting for Khaleesi to have her kittens (you can read her birth story here). Happy no-more-darn-kittens-iversary to Khaleesi!

(Thanks, Alton!)


People of the internet, I am not kidding you when I tell you this: if you are even a little serious about adopting any of Katia or Kristi’s kittens, you better get in gear and drop an email to Forgotten Felines of Huntsville: info (AT) ffhsv.org

Why am I saying this? Because first of all, these two muffins have been adopted and will be going home in a few days.

Deanzilla and Katarina – adopted TOGETHER!

When their new family came to meet the kittens and make a decision on who to adopt, it took very little time for the ever-charming Deanzilla to climb right into Ashli’s lap and start playing with her necklace. I think Katarina was a little too busy playing, but she did come around for a little petting and some compliments on her fabulous whiskers. They will have two older cats in their new home, and – I love this – two girls to play and snuggle with and charm.


We have an adoption pending on THESE two tiny muffinheads.

Tessa and Ohno – adopted TOGETHER!

Tessa and Ohno will be with us for another six weeks or so, and once they’re spayed and vaccinated, they’ll go home.

That is FOUR kittens who have been spoken for. So, seriously – if you’re interested in adopting any of the other kittens, better speak up!

Here’s a little reminder on who’s left available, in no particular order at all.

Scott! So very sweet – the only kitten who’ll let me rub noses with him.

Torvill! The quiet observer who sits back and keeps an eye on the goings-on.

Oksana! Whiskers nearly as crazy as Katarina’s – she’s a little love-bug who makes sure that the little ones always have someone to snuggle with.

Brian Boitano! Apparently toes are the source of confidence, because that is one CONFIDENT boy!

Picabo! She is just a gorgeous little nut who will snuggle with you briefly before racing off to play like the crazy thing she is.

Debi! Also a little nut – whether she’s sleeping, playing, or eating, she does it 100%.

Last but certainly not least – Katia and Kristi. Won’t someone give these two a home? I want them to go home TOGETHER, because I think Katia would be lost without her beloved mama.

ONCE AGAIN – if you’re interested in adopting any of these sweethearts, drop an email to Forgotten Felines at info (AT) ffhsv.org


The Sheriff would like to know what kind of SLACKERS would leave these twigs just LAYING there on the deck for DAYS and DAYS. HMPH, HUMANS.


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5-1-18 Tuesday — 11 Comments

  1. Wow! That’s such great news! Lucky little cupcakes choosing their lucky families, it’s a happy day. 🙂

    (And a bonus picture of Khaleesi and her fellow FPLF members is the icing on the cupcake.)

  2. I wish I could take the 2 mommas. I have remained completely spellbound by Katia’s Night Fury eyes, and as much as I adore kitten photos, she steals the scene in practically every photo she’s in. (Can’t, of course. Different country, etc.)

  3. Yay for quick adoptions! I’m not surprised that Katarina was so quick to be adopted. She is so cute! Definitely my favorite of this group.

    I hope the rest of the kittens (And their mommas) find their forever homes quickly!

  4. YAY!! I love adoptions right from the foster home! I am hoping every day that the two moms will be adopted together, and I know that Forgotten Felines will do all they can to keep them together!

  5. Wow, very happy and a bit sad because I will miss them! It’s not like I need more kittens, but these are just so darn sweet!! Give them all a kisss from me and tell them I wish them a long and happy life! ( and I am sure the rest will find their homes fast, too.)

  6. These babies are flying out the door! It is wwwwwaaaaayyyyy too soon! I can’t believe they are this old already! Glad to see that they are going out in pairs!

    Prayers for the mama’s. They deserve a good, safe home, too!

  7. Let me tell anyone who is thinking of adopting the mommas that taking on these two kitties would be a challenge but sooo worth it! I have taken in a kitty in just this situation and after some time, she has become my little heart. We snuggle all night long and are very close. It can be so rewarding but it takes patience and time. I thank God that my Lola found me.

  8. Ha! I knew those beautiful babies wouldn’t make it to the adoption center! they are just too cute! I want to kiss all of them! And I got my fingers crossed for the mommas to be adopted together and right away!

    Surely the sheriff isn’t thinking about fetching those sticks! lol

  9. I called it on Katarina, I knew she would go fast! Great that so many already are spoken for. And I can’t believe it’s five years since Khaleesi, wow time flies….

  10. The mother of dragons! She looks so snug there. That is a happy ending. Really hope Katia and Kristi get one, together,

  11. As happy as I am that Dean and Katarina have been adopted together and are going home soon, I will really miss seeing their antics and their sweet little faces on a daily basis. Please insist that their new family sends regular update photos of them for you to post 🙂

    I need to see how Katarina in all of her fabulous floofiness, wild whiskers, and white tail tip looks as she grows up! As a mom of an adorable tuxie-girl myself, she and Oksana stole my heart from the get-go.